11 steel building sizes to fit your needs

30x30x10 steel building illustration

11 Steel Building Sizes to fit your needs

While these 11 sizes are some of the most popular steel building sizes, there is no actual "standard" size for a pre-engineered steel building.  We can design the building to whatever spec you have to fit your property or space needs.  Need a 36x44?  We can do it.  How about a 55x80?  We can do that too.  Even if you need 130x200, we can help.  If you don't see it here, give us a call so we can work with your specs.
Your steel building size can depend on many factors.  Sometimes the size of your lot and any set back requirements will determine the width and length.  Other times is what you need the building for that dictates the size.  For commercial properties, the land set backs and amount of parking spaces will govern your steel building size.  Whatever the determining factor, we can accommodate whatever size you need.  With that being said, we have seen a trend for a number of building sizes that tend to be most popular among our customers.


This illustration shows a 40x60x10 Steel building with one opening for a roll up door and a single walk door.  Part of what makes this steel building size so popular is the versatility and economical design.  It is typically designed with 3-20' bays giving you space for multiple roll up doors for additional access.  With a taller eave height, you have a great space for storing taller vehicles and equipment and still have space for parking smaller vehicles.  If your using it for a workshop, you should have ample space for storing materials in addition to your work area.

With a few options, you can also dress this building up to make it compliment it's surroundings.  Eave extensions, wainscot and a colored roof really dress a building up nicely.


Our next popular steel building size is a 30x40.  With 1,200 sq ft of open space to work with, it's no wonder this is the choice size for many of our customers.  Designed with 2-20' bays, you have room to add another roll up door on the front.  It is small enough to fit on many lots, but big enough to fit your needs.


Another favorite steel building size is a 30x50 with 1,500 sq ft of open space.  Economically designed with 2-25' bays, you get additional square footage without adding much more heavy steel in terms of I-beam main frames.


Our next size is a 40x40 steel building.  Giving you more depth than a 30' wide building, you gain the ability to add a door to the back of the building so that you can pull straight through with either a large vehicle or maybe a truck with a trailer attached.  This makes for a convenient method to load or unload product or equipment while being sheltered from the elements.  1,600 sq ft of space makes this steel building size very desirable for many uses.


30x30 steel building illustration

900 sq ft along with a small footprint make this 30x30 metal building a convenient size.


30x60 steel building illustration

A 30x60 steel building with 1,800 sq ft of open floor space.


30x75 steel building illustration

30x75 metal building with 3-25' bays giving you 2,250 sq ft of open floor space.


40x50 steel building illustration

This 40x50 steel building offers you 2,000 sq ft of clear floor space.


40x75 steel building illustration

3,000 sq ft of floor space is available with this 40x75 steel building size.


50x50 steel building illustration

This 50x50 steel building size allows for 2,500 sq ft of clear span open floor space.


50x75 steel building illustration

This 50x75 steel building size allows for 3,750 sq ft of clear span open floor space.


50x50 steel building illustration

Great for businesses and warehouses, this 50x100 metal building gives you 5,000 sq ft of floor space for many vehicles, storage racks or any other items you need to fill it with.

As you can see from the illustrations above, a steel building can make a big impact on the space you need to utilize for whatever design you need.  The clear span design allows for any number of interior layout designs.  With many options for dressing up your building such as colors, wainscot and more, you can also create a nice visual impact.  Another feature to consider is the shortened build time and reduced waste due to the precision of utilizing a pre-engineered metal building.

Advantages of utilizing a steel building

  • Made in the USA

  • 25 year finish warranty

  • Steel buildings are vitually maintenance free

  • Engineered for your location wind and snow loads

  • Pre-Engineered metal buildings reduce waste - saves money

  • Quick Installation

  • Environmentally friendly

Common uses for a steel building

Tool Shed
Work shop
Pool house
Hunt camp
Art Studio
Meditation studio
Living off grid
Gardening shed
Auto Mechanic Shop
Steel Building Home
Retail strip mall
Tool Rental Facility
Party Rental Warehouse
Motorcycle Shop

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