50x50x14'6" / 21' Metal Barn Building

Looking for that classic barn look for your metal building?  We can help you and still give you a clear span red iron framed building with NO interior columns!  Maybe you want room to store an RV in the center and have room for yard equipment or to store your favorite motorcycle or classic car, a Renegade Steel Building will help keep all your valuables safe and secure and look great doing it. Whatever your need, this classic metal barn is sure to please with it mix of great looks and versatility.

You want to have an easy way to get larger things like your car or equipment in and out of your building.  That's what makes our commercial grade roll up door a great option for your steel building.  Plus, they are manufactured right here in the USA just like our buildings. They come standard with a heavy duty chain operator allowing you to open the door a little or a lot depending on what you need to do.

The standard 3070 walk door makes it easy to enter the building without the need to open the larger door. You may only need to check on something or just grab some small things from storage, making the walk door a valuable part of your steel building.

Keeping your valuables clean and dry is why you want a building in the first place, so why not keep your building clean as well with Gutters and down spouts.  Not only do they help direct water away from your building and the foundation, they help reduce the chance of dirt and mud splashing back onto your steel building.

50x50 red barn style steel building with monitor style roof

The pricing given is determined by the wind and snow loads calculated for this building.  With that in mind, to get an accurate quote, we need to know where the building is going so we can confirm and adjust the loads and codes as needed and calculate the shipping costs.

There are options you can add to this building such as insulation on the roof and walls to make it a little more comfortable. As an added bonus, roof insulation will help keep condensation to a minimum.

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*Pricing based on specified wind and snow load, your location may require different loads which may affect the price. Prices subject to change without notice.

  • Cost

    Kit only price (call for pricing and availability)
    Based on standard Design
    Shipping and tax not included
    Available only in specific areas

  • Design

    IBC 2015 Building Code
    12/20 Live Load
    5# Snow load
    115MPH Wind Load
    Your location may require different codes.

  • Comes with

    Engineered Stamped drawings, anchor bolt drawings and letter of certification
    Stamped erection drawings
    26 Ga "PBR" roof and wall Panels - 80K PSI tensile strength
    Galvalume roof and standard color choice walls and trim
    Long Life self drilling screws
    Formed base trim

  • Options Included

    1-3070 knock down walk door - field located
    1-12' wide x 14' tall commercial roll up door
    2-12' wide x 12' tall commercial roll up doors
    Gutters and down spouts
    Clear span "monitor" roof style
    21' at high eave, 14'6 at low eaves
    4:12 pitch on high roof line, 2:12 pitch on sides

  • You're responsible for

    Verification of local wind and snow loads and codes
    Anchor bolts
    Concrete and foundation
    Labor to erect

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