Steel Building Color Selector Tool

Use our color selector tool to visualize your color options on a Renegade Steel Building.

Roof:  Many buildings utilize a Galvalume roof color which is a silver metal look.  The roof panel is rarely seen on low pitch designs which is why many people are happy with this choice.  On a higher pitch roof, you may want to consider a color panel to dress up your building.

Gutters:  This is one area of trim that a lot of people like to utilize to make their building stand out.  It's not uncommon to choose a contrasting color for this part of your metal building.

Walls:  This is strictly your personal preference, but a large number of steel buildings are sold with Lightstone walls to give them a nice earth tone look.

Downspouts:  If you have gutters and downspouts on your building, you can choose to either have the downspouts match the wall color or have them match the gutters as a contrast color.

Corners:  This piece of trim is just what it sounds like, it is the finish trim at the 4 corners of the building.

Trim:  This is referring to the trim that goes around any framed openings in your building.  This is usually a small piece that terminates the wall panel at the opening.  Think of the openings for roll up doors, walk doors and windows.

Doors & Windows:  There are only two options for colors for walk doors and windows.  A good portion of the time, customers will also select the same color for their roll up door as well.  You can check out the additional colors available for roll up doors here.

Wainscot:  If your looking for a great way to really dress up your building, see what adding another color for wainscot at the base of your building.