Steel Building Barn with Lean To on Each Side

A Renegade Steel Building Barn with lean to's can give you that classic barn look with both pleasing aesthetics and functionality.  With this design, you get an enclosed portion of the building that allows you to have a secure area for items like motorcycles, side by sides, ATVs and more.  The Lean To portions are open on the low side to give you plenty of room to maneuver and store farm implements, materials and any item that just need to be covered and out of the weather.

The ends of the lean to can be open or enclosed.  In the example below, they are enclosed giving you even more protection for any items you store there.  This also allows for more of a barn look and feel.

The size of the main building and the size of the lean to can be custom tailored to your needs.  Just discuss what you are thinking with one of our project managers and we can help you get the space you want and need.

This illustration is of a 30x50x15 main building with a 20x50 lean to on each side.  The lean to is 13' at the high side and 11'4" at the low side.  While you could go less on the depth of the lean to, 20' is enough room in many cases to adequately protect many farm implements and still give you room to walk around everything.

A lean to utilizes the structure in the main building for support on the high side with typical steel rafters and columns used for the rest of the building. Support is calculated for all factors such as dead load, wind and snow loads, as well as snow drift.  Brackets are included on the main frame columns to attach the high side of the lean to.

A lean to gives you a different option for covering those items you might not want or need to have inside the main building.  Maybe you just want easy access to be able to switch out from a bush hog to a spreader and so on, or would rather have space to store a parts car or any other items just out of the weather.

There is another monitor style building that gives you a very similar look but has all walls enclosed and a clear span special frame that has no internal support.

30x50x15 red barn steel building with lean to illustration
renegade steel building with lean to on each side
You still get all the same great features of a Renegade Steel building with this type design.  From our steel building standards to the many ways to customize your steel building, your sure to get the quality building you deserve.

How much does a Steel Building Barn with Lean To on Each Side cost?

There are many factors that go into pricing a building, and this style adds a few more.  That plus the current fluctuations in steel pricing makes it difficult to advertise even a starting price at this point.  Give us a call or fill out a quick quote and mention this page to get current pricing on a building.

30x50x15 with a lean to on each side specs

Main Building Specs:
  • 30x50x15
  • 3:12 pitch on main roof
  • Galvalume Roof panels
  • Framed opening for (2) 10x10 door (by others)
  • 1-30x70 walk door

Lean to specs:
  • 20x50x13'HS/11'4"LS with 1:12 pitch
  • End walls Sheeted
  • Galvalume Roof panels
  • Low eave open
  • Gutters and down spouts

Design Criteria:
  • IBC18 codes
  • 115 MPH wind Exp B
  • 5lb ground snow
  • Stamped engineered plans

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