Steel Building Monitor Roof

What is a monitor roof and how does it differ from any other steel building?  A monitor roof is defined as a symmetrical two sided roof with a raised area along the ridge with it's own roof running parallel to the main roof.  This type of roof has been used for barns and traditional sugar houses over the years.  Utilizing this main frame shape allows you to have a more traditional style barn look for your steel farm building.
Renegade steel building red iron barn style monitor roof with red walls and white trim

Your monitor roof steel building will be constructed utilizing a clear span design which allows you to maximize all of your available floor space with no internal columns in your way. 
The building is engineered so that there are 6 I-beam rafters that make up the main structure creating a monitor roof.  The height of the monitor portion can be engineered to your specs to create the look you desire.

Red Iron Steel Building with monitor roof line frame only

As you can see from this illustration, the monitor roof has two roof lines on each side of the ridge in the center of the building.  The pitch can be the same for the building and the monitor, or they can be different to create the look you like.  The height of the monitor can be adjusted to allow for windows, or just enough to create a raised portion in the roof.  You can also add options such as eave extensions and Cupolas to enhance the look of your monitor roof steel building.

Classic "Barn" look 
Clear span = open floor plan 
Unique Steel Building Styling 
More clear space in the roof line

steel building with monitor roof and lean tos

Renegade Steel Building
with Monitor Roof and two Lean To's

This customer choose a monitor roof building with a lean to on each sidewall for their 50'x100'x12' building.  On the end wall, they added a couple of windows up high in the Monitor area along with a 8' canopy on the left end.  Large openings are for 12'x12' roll up doors.  The lean to's are 15'x100' creating open covered space for machinery storage.

steel building with monitor roof and lean tos

Renegade Steel Building with Monitor Roof

This customer choose a monitor roof building for their 40'x60'x10'/13' building.  They choose to use windows and panel doors by others to complete their building.

steel building with monitor roof and lean tos

Renegade Steel Building Barn

This 50'x50'x14'6" monitor steel building features two 12x12 and one 12x14 roll up doors on one end of the building.  The classic red wall and white trim really gives this building a classic barn look.

Please note:  Monitor style steel buildings are only available in the Southeast and other select areas.

Renegade Steel Building Standards

PBR illustrationPBR steel building panel illustration

"PBR" stands for Purlin Bearing Rib which provides the most stable method to join the overlap at each panel.  When sinking the lap screw, the rib has support to ensure an adequate seal between panels.  The PBR panel is the standard panel used on the roof and walls.

steel building aluminum zinc screw with washer

Long life, self drilling fasteners are cast aluminum zinc and include an EPDM sealing washer along with a painted cap to match the color of the panel.  Renegade specifies these for both the roof and the walls to support the finish warranty and ensure the longevity of your building.

Steel Building formed base trim illustration

There are many ways to flash the bottom of your building.  The best way is to use formed base trim.  This is a one piece system that installs cleaner and quicker and supports the manufacturers warranty on the wall panels.  This is the base trim we spec on all of our buildings.

Steel Building formed base trim illustration

There are two ways to install a window in a steel building.  The "easy" way is to just screw a self flashing window to the wall panels and hope it doesn't leak.  The Best way is to include a framed opening to screw the window to giving it adequate support to ensure a good fit and better weather tightness.  At Renegade, we always spec a framed opening for windows.

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