Renegade Steel Buildings Team Members

The bullpen at Renegade Steel is made up of a tight-knit team of like minded individuals who not only believe in the product we are selling, but also understand the value of the customers to whom we are selling that product. At Renegade Steel, no one is merely a number or a contract. We are sincerely grateful for the alliances we build with our clients, our industry partners, and the other team members. Bringing far more to the table than a positive attitude and a wealth of integrity, Renegade Steel team members offer over 50 years combined experience in the steel building industry. Add to that a number of key members who boast solid customer service backgrounds and entrepreneurial spirits, and we believe we’ve built a really well-rounded team. We think you’ll agree!

Kevin Welch, Owner, Renegade Steel Buildings

Kevin Welch

Founder / President
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Lee NeSmith, GM, Renegade Steel Buildings

Lee NeSmith

General Manager
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John Kivett, Controller, Renegade Steel Buildings

John Kivett

Controller / Operations
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James Welch, Sales, Renegade Steel Buildings

James Welch

Sales Representative
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Kevin Giddens, Sales, Renegade Steel Buildings

Kevin Giddens

Sales Representative
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Renegade Steel Buildings Employee Michael Nelson

Michael Nelson

Sales Representative
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Renegade Steel Buildings Employee Mason Pavlik

Mason Pavlik

Sales Representative
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Carson Ingram

Sales Representative
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Jeff McPhail, Renegade Steel Buildings

Jeff McPhail

Marketing / IT
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In Memory of Jim Carroll

July 17, 1969 - October 13, 2023
Jim Carroll

Jim's Bio

After graduating from Florida State University with a degree in Economics (Go Noles!), Jim spent 25 years in the service industry – many of those behind the bar of some of the finest establishments in the South (picture Tom Cruise in the movie “Cocktail”). It was there that he developed a signature style in dealing with people – quickly putting them at ease with his approachable nature and laid-back attitude. Jim brings his expertise in customer service, talent for organization, and strong analytical skills to the Renegade Steel team.
Professional Philosophy: “I always give 110% to everything I do. I’m passionate about my work – sometimes overly so.”
What I Like Most About Renegade Steel: “I am working with lifelong friends who share an enthusiasm for what we’re doing. We utilize several decades’ worth of combined experience from each of our industries to redefine how to do our job in the best way possible. We’re being given all the tools and making things happen.”
Pet Peeves: Dirty dishes; Empty tank of gas
Favorite Things: “My wife and our little girls. I also love rock music from the ‘80’s, the Great Outdoors, photography, and taking trips to Lake Hartwell and the beach at St. George Island.
Special Talent: Jim is a master mixologist – he can make any cocktail in the book and even concoct a few of his own special creations.

Employee spotlight on Jim

Jim came to Renegade in 2011, not long after the company started.  His experience in the service industry translated well into the people skills needed to excel at Renegade.  In fact, Jim was salesman of the year 9 of the 12 years he was here.  Jim was a great guy, loved by everyone here at Renegade along with the many customers and contractors he had over the years.  To know Jim was to love Jim!  He was also one of the hardest working guys we have known.  His task oriented nature meant he made sure to stay in contact with all his customers whether updating quotes, touching base or scheduling deliveries.  Jim was also the first person willing to help anyone in the office.  He knew our system like the back of his hand and could help navigate the process better than most.  New employees learned quickly that he was a valuable resource.  Even when one of our team members was out, he treated their custom like one of his own.

Outside of work, Jim focused on his family.  He and his wife Erica have two beautiful daughters, and these girls meant the world to him.  In fact, it didn't matter where Jim was, you could often hear him on the phone sweet talking with his two girls.  His office was covered with family pictures and little mementos from his girls.

Jim didn't just work here at Renegade, he was family.  He has been friends with Kevin and James since they were in high school.  This friendship is what lead to him to come to Georgia to try a new line of work.  His work ethic and friendly nature is what lead him to the position of senior account manager and top salesman.  His quick wit, fun loving nature, and willingness to help others made him the best employee at Renegade.

Jim fought hard with his battle against Esophageal Cancer beating the odds for over 5 years.  Though he never gave up his fight, unfortunately there were no additional treatments available to keep it at bay.  Jim will not only be missed by his loving family, he will be sorely missed by all of us at Renegade.  Please keep his family in your prayers.

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