Metal Building Insulation

Insulation is an important factor to consider in your steel building. 
Whether or not you plan to condition the space, you should consider the effects insulation has on your building.  Let us help guide you through the options.

Metal Building Insulation comparison illustration

VRR-Plus Metal Building Insulation

metal building blanket insulation illustration

While many other companies will sell you basic, craft faced insulation, Renegade Steel Buildings continues to option your building just like it was our own. Let's face it, kraft (paper) faced insulation is fine for traditional construction where Sheetrock or another wall finish will enclose the wall and help protect the insulation, but Steel buildings are quite often left unfinished on the inside exposing the insulation to the elements. Renegade steel buildings has chosen VRR-Plus for our customers metal building insulation needs.

First off, the Polypropylene material has a tri-directional reinforcement inlay. This gives the fabric additional strength. Secondly, our insulation includes a metalized film laminate on one side which helps act as a radiant barrier for your building. Thirdly, you can choose the thickness from 3"-6" to give you an R-value of R-11 to R-19. Not only does it insulate your building from heat and cold, but it helps against condensation on the inside of your building due to temperature differentials.

metal building insulation being installed

VRR-plus blanket insulation being installed in the roof of a steel building.

metal building insulation

VRR-plus blanket insulation installed on the roof and walls during building erection.

metal building insulation roof

VRR-plus metal building insulation on the roof and walls (with sky lights).

High R-value Liner System Metal Building Insulation

Metal building insulation hi r-value illustration

Standard blanket metal building insulation works great in many buildings, but there are times when you need more.  There is a limit to how much fiberglass can be pinched between the wall panel and framing structure.  This also limits the thermal value that can be achieved.  When you need a High R-value for your roof and walls, we have a solution. 

The banded liner system allows you to increase the thickness of the fiberglass by filling the cavity and adding an additional layer above the cavity allowing you to reach R-38 or even greater value. Certain areas may even require a High R-value for your conditioned building, see below for more details.  This system also gives you a much more finished look on the interior.

Another benefit to consider is the ROI you can see from having a better insulation system installed.  Talk to your salesman about potential energy savings.

metal building insulation

High R-value liner system banding being installed.

metal building insulation liner system being installed

High R-value liner system banding being installed.

metal building insulation hi r-value with black liner

High R-value liner system with black fabric and straps.

Energy Conservation Codes

While insulation is not something we have a minimum spec for, we do try hard to stay up on the latest information regarding states that require buildings to meet their adopted Energy Conservation Codes.  Many companies will just quote you 4" roof and wall insulation just to get the lowest number in front of you.  While this may make their price look good, you may not be able to get a C.O. for your building without additional costs.

We would rather advise our customers to seriously consider not only what their local code requires but also the long term HVAC cost savings that result from High R-value insulation. 

We don't just want to sell you a building, we would like to help you with your building solution.

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