Self Storage - Mini Warehouse Steel Building

Do you see a need in your community for a self storage - mini warehouse steel building and have a prime location suitable for filling that need?  Many customers find the mini storage warehouse business to be very profitable.  There are a few considerations you should look at to see if this is a fit for you.  First off, evaluating the population in a radius around your property should give you a good idea of potential customers.  Next is the consideration of unit mix for your facility.  The type of housing can help determine whether you offer large or small units.  Apartments may indicate the need to offer smaller units for those people that just need to store a few things.  Neighborhoods with single family homes may necessitate a mix with medium size units.  Other factors such as recreation facilities, local colleges, and natural resources may also dictate a more diverse mix in order to accommodate everything from nick nacks to boats and RV's.

Once you have your unit mix determined along with your property layout to maximize the number of units and buildings, we can get started working on a quote for you.  No matter whether you have a small location, just adding on additional storage, have multiple stages or need to do climate control, our account managers can help with your Self Storage - Mini Warehouse Steel Building needs.

Self Storage Mini Steel Building Advantages

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    Reduced Waste

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    Shorter Build Time

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    Reduced Maintenance

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    Climate Control Option

Self Storage Mini Steel Building climate controll interior

Quick and easy installation is one of the hallmarks of using a steel building for your self storage facility.  Utilizing pre-engineering to determine the exact parts needed from the factory results in an assembly with minimal waste and is easy to erect.  As a matter of fact, most, if not all of the building can be erected with simple equipment such as ladders and small scaffolding.

A quick installation means that you can start leasing the units as soon as possible resulting in a quicker ROI.

Self Storage Steel Building Options

Steps - Depending on your property grade, you may need one or many steps to keep your units accessible.
Firewalls - Depending on your local codes, you may need to have a firewall at certain intervals on your building.
Hallways - Whether for climate controlled or standard buildings for access to interior units.
Parapet end walls - Helps dress up your building to make the ends appear to be flat.
Foundation plans - Plans specific to your building and location.
Standing Seam roof - A great option for fewer roof screw penetrations.
Gutters and downspouts - Allows you to manage and direct rainwater away from your buildings.
Moisture barrier - Every steel building sweats, this will help keep condensation from affecting your tenants.
Galvanized framing - Additional protection for your structural and secondary framing.

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Whether you have a small or large property for your self storage steel building, starting from scratch or adding on, Renegade Steel Buildings is here to help you.  Fill out our quick quote form to get started working on your Steel Building today!