Steel Building with Open Bay

Steel Building with open bay

There are a couple of options for having open covered space with your Steel Building.  One way to do it is to have a steel building with open bay.  Depending on your needs, you can even have multiple open bays.   There are, of course, pros and cons to having a lean to which we hope to explain here.

Steel Building with Open Bay Explained

We refer to bays in a steel building as the portion of the building between frame lines.  When you have a building with an open bay, that typically means the first bay has no sheeting and the endwall is pushed back into the building whatever the distance of the first bay is.  This provides you with a covered area with support columns on the outside corners.  The underside of the roof is exposed unless you decide to add liner panels to the roof area of that bay.

Steel building with Open Bay illustration

Open Bay Structure

The open bay is supported by a mainframe located where the end wall is normally positioned.  This main frame allows for open space with only the number of columns needed depending on how many open bays you have.  The roof line will stay the same as the rest of the building giving you a nice clean look.

Open Bay examples

workshop steel building with open bay

This work shop utilizes an open bay with a large roll up door located in the wall adjacent to the open bay.

Steel building with open bay used for a workshop

This personal shop uses an open bay for additional outdoor workspace.

Steel Building with an open bay for a porch

This steel building house uses and open bay to create a relaxing, covered patio space.  It makes for a very nice addition to this home.

steel building with two open bays for covered work area

Multiple open bays were used to create a very usable, covered space on this building.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for creating a workable covered space for your building.  With those things in mind, we can talk about some of the pros and cons now.

Steel Building with Open Bay Pros

  • Easily accessible
  • Covered area for shade
  • Floor can be dirt, gravel or concrete(columns need piers)
  • One or more bays can be utilized to give you the space you need

Steel Building with Open Bay Cons

  • Outside storage means items are exposed
  • Outside items are not secure

Depending on your likes or needs, and open bay may be just the design you want.  There are other ways to create open, covered space like a steel building lean to.  You'll find that we often ask what you are using your building for.  That's what we are here for, to help you get the best building for your needs at the best price.  Our project managers are experienced with helping guide you through the process and helping you best economically design the building you want.

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