Agricultural Steel Buildings

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Many of the weathered wooden barns and sheds of years gone by have fallen due to the effects of weather and age.  Many people are replacing them with a more durable and sturdy option like a Renegade Agricultural Steel Building.

A steel structure allows for certain benefits that a wooden structure just can't achieve.  The obvious advantage being safer from fire, not to mention being termite resistant.  Additionally, our metal buildings are built to code for your area and supplied with engineered stamped drawings.  Having a building designed with your local wind and snow loads taken into account should give you the peace of mind knowing that the contents are safe.  Whether you are storing grain or feed, housing horses or livestock, or protecting your valuable equipment, a Steel Building will provide the protection and longevity you need.

Red barn style steel building with large roll up doorscovered horse riding arena steel building

Durability and longevity aren't the only reasons steel has become a popular choice for an agricultural building.  The industrial strength and engineering of steel give the structures the ability to very versatile.  They are capable of supporting clear spans much larger than a wood structure can even come close to.  This allows for a wide open space with no interior obstructions.

Pre-Engineered steel buildings reduce waste with manufacturing methods that determine the optimal usage of materials.  As a result, the assembly of your building becomes efficient allowing for a quick build.

Common agricultural uses are hay barns, equipment storage, horse stables, horse riding arenas, sheds, out buildings and anything else you can utilize a secure and durable steel building for.

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Types of Steel Buildings

Steel building illustration

Renegade Steel Building

The quality steel building that we offer

The frame of the building is comprised of steel I-beams for the columns and rafters and steel secondary members for wall girts, roof purlins, wall girts and framed openings. The mainframe columns are engineered to be anchor bolted to the concrete foundation or concrete piers. We utilize 26 gauge metal panels for the roof and walls with even thicker material available. This is commonly referred to as a Pre-Engineered, Red Iron Steel Building.

pole barn building illustration

Pole Barn - not sold by Renegade

Cheap wood building sold by other companies - Not sold by Renegade

The structure of this building is comprised of wood poles placed in the ground, wooden structural and secondary member, and wooden rafters or trusses. Thinner, 29 gauge metal panels are often used for the panels. The wooden poles are more flexible allowing the building to move or sway in the wind. This movement can have adverse effects on the structure and weather seal.  The use of wood also causes concern for rot and termite damage.

Quonset Hut illustration

Quonset Hut - not sold by Renegade

Cheaper arched building sold by others - Not sold by Renegade

A rounded or arch style steel building with no internal framing similar to the old military style buildings. There is no internal support structure as the arch style of the panels create a self supporting structure. This design has limitations on widths and the radius design decreases usable wall space.

Agricultural Steel Building Advantages

Agricultural FAQ

  • Can I have a roof only building with only sand or gravel for the floor?

    Yes, the building can be anchored to concrete piers to support the building leaving the floor to be whatever you want.

  • Can you make my building look like a more traditional barn?

    We have the ability to offer a barn or "monitor" style building where the center portion is raised. We do this while still maintaining a clear span main frame structure.

  • Do you have options for just covering my equipment or product?

    We can design a roof only or 3-sided shed to protect what is important to you.

Color selector tool link

Want to get a visual of the colors you want for your agricultural steel building?  Look no further!  We have a color selector tool to help you see what your color combinations will look like.

Steel Agricultural Building Prices

Pricing varies depending on your location

Buildings from a 30x40x10 can range from $8.50/sq-ft to $10.50/sq-ft or more while a 50x100x10 can be $5.50/sq-ft to $8.00/sq-ft or more depending on location and options. While these numbers may give you a general idea of the cost for the steel building package, we are more than happy to work up an actual quote for your needs and engineered for your location.

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