Steel Building Church

Many congregations look to a Steel Building Church whether you have outgrown your temporary meeting location or need additional space at your current location.  A Steel Building Church offers large, clear span spaces that give you near limitless options for your interior build out.  There are also a number of ways to finish the exterior beyond the standard metal wall panel.  Whether you're looking for a traditional looking brick sided building to a more contemporary steel building, Renegade is here to help.

Having worked with many churches over the years, we understand this is a longer process with decision by committee and great care taken with respect to wise use of finances from offerings.  Renegade Steel Buildings is here to work with you through the process, guiding you on the most cost-effective methods in regards to the steel structure while respecting the designs you may have for your building. 

A common option we see in a lot of our church buildings is a liner system insulation for the roof.  This gives you the option of having a Hi-R value insulation system that can even be left unfinished with either a white or black liner.  This option can save you money in energy savings and construction savings as well.

Steel Building Church Advantages

  • Pre-Engineered

  • Reduced Waste

  • Customizable

  • Shorter Build Time

  • Reduced Maintenance

  • Clearspan = Open Floor Plan

Steel Building Church

Quick and easy installation is one of the hallmarks of using a steel building for your church.  Utilizing pre-engineering to determine the exact parts needed from the factory results in an assembly with minimal waste and is quick to erect.  This allows you to begin your interior build out sooner than traditional construction.

Self Storage Mini Steel Building

From adding on a covered portico, to a completely new sanctuary, a fellowship hall to a worship center, you can trust Renegade to help with your steel building church!

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