Steel Building Accessories

Your steel building is just a box until you add some steel building accessories to it. Steel walk doors make it easy to access your building when you don't want to open your large roll up doors. We can even add panic hardware and automatic door closer. Need some light in your building, we can help with that. The first option a lot of customers like is a window. Not only do you get light, but it also gives you access to the outside world. The next option is roof sky lights and the third option would be wall lights.

How about some ventilation for your steel building? You can utilize ridge vents to let the air flow naturally out of the ridge of the roof line. Next up would be a powered fan to draw air out of your building. You may need a wall louver on the opposite side of the building to allow for cross airflow, but you may also just pull up the roll up door a little bit as well.

Speaking of roll up doors, we offer a wide variety of sizes and colors. We also offer an option for a power lifter for our roll up doors to make your life a little easier. We can supply many options on our roll up doors, from standard commercial series doors to wind rated doors and self storage doors with stainless steel locking hardware.

Some other steel building accessories we can help you with are Cupolas for your roof, a break in the panel to add your own brick or rock wainscot, and canopies. Feel free to ask your project manager if you have an option you don't see here.

White 3070 steel walk door for a steel building

3070 Walk Door

Standard Steel door allowing quick access to your building.  Comes in either white or bronze and can be easily painted to match your walls or trim.  Comes with 8" door frame.
Bronze 3070 steel building walk door
Horizontal sliding window for pre-engineered steel buildings

Horizontal Sliding Window

Contemporary styled horizontal sliding window available in 3'x3' and 4'x3' (WxH).  We strongly suggest a framed opening for any window.
Translucent steel building roof panels

Translucent Roof Panels

One option used to allow for natural light in your building is a translucent roof panel.  Formed to the same dimensions as a standard PBR panel, they are available as 10'3" wide x 3'3" long.
Steel building wall light panels

Translucent Wall Panels

Another option used to allow for natural light in your building is a translucent wall panel.  Formed to the same dimensions as a standard PBR panel, they are available as 5'4" long x 3'3" wide or 10'8" long x 3'3" wide.  This option provides you with nearly the same light as a translucent roof panel and is much less likely to leak or sweat.
steel building roll up style doors

Rollup Door

Our roll up doors are available in many sizes and colors to fit your needs.
Steel building insulation


Whether you need to heat and cool your steel building or decide to go with no HVAC, we suggest insulating your building.  Either traditional blanket insulation or liner systems can help moderate the temperature in your building and helps with condensation.  See our Steel Building Insulation page for more information.
steel building ridge vent

Ridge Vent

The ridge vent works by allowing the natural convection flow of heated air rising to allow heat to escape from the top of your building.  These vents are chain operated allowing you to close them during colder months.

Powered Wall Fan

The powered wall fan comes in either 36" or 48" square with a gravity damper and an optional fan guard on the inside.  These are perfect for creating air movement with either an open door or wall louver on the opposite side of your building.
Steel building fixed wall louver

Fixed Wall Louver

This wall louver is always open to allow air flow into or out of your building.
Adjustable wall louver

Adjustable wall louver

This is typically used on the opposite side of the building from a wall fan to allow for air cross flow.  You can choose to open or close as needed.
steel building cupola

Steel building cupola

Cupolas are available in a variety of sizes and colors.