40x60x16 Steel Building

Not only is a 40x60 steel building a very popular size, this building in particular is one of our most asked about designs.   Lets talk about what you get with a 40x60 pre-engineered steel building.

To start off you get 2,400 square feet of open floor space.  That is a lot of area to work with and not have to worry about any supports or load bearing walls.  The clear span design of a red iron steel building gives you this exciting option.

Next would be a quicker installation with less waste.  The nature of a pre-engineered steel building means a reduction in building material scraps and quick and easy bolt together installation.  The majority of the kit is comprised of pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-welded and pre-organized primary and secondary components.

Finally, once installed, you're now dealing with a relatively maintenance free building.  Of course you still have to clean the gutters and keep the building clean, but gone are the days of painting every 4 or 5 years.  No rotten wood to replace or termites to worry about or shingles to repair.  Nothing to deal with but a good looking, built strong in the USA, Renegade Steel Building to last you many years.

What makes this 40x60x16 so popular?

What sets this particular building apart from just any 40x60 is all the options that have been added.  Starting with a simple 40x60 building, the following options were added to enhance the appearance of the building.  Some of the options are purely for aesthetics, others add function as well.
  • 3:12 roof pitch gives it a less industrial look and feel
  • Colored roof panels
  • 18" extensions with soffit on eaves and gables
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Wainscot to 3'6" all walls
  • Interior Liner Panel to 12' all walls
  • 4" roof and wall insulation
40x60x16 steel building with tan walls, brown roof, trim and wainscot

40x60x16 Steel Building Closer Look

40x60x16 steel building illustration
In this illustration you can see most of the options on the building which is a main part of what makes it look so nice.  Options such as lighting are supplied by the end user and/or local contractor.
40x60x16 steel building cutaway illustration
When we look at a cutaway illustration of the building, you begin to see the options a little clearer.  Along with the options come the supporting secondary framing.  We are often asked why certain options seem to cost more money than people expect.  Most of the time is is related to the additional red iron support structure.
40x60x16 steel building cutaway illustration closeup of sidewall
Our first cutaway closeup is on the front side wall of the building showing the main frame.  You can see from this image that there is some additional materials needed to support the roof extension as well as the soffit panels.  Also visible are the liner panels and roof insulation.
40x60x16 steel building cutaway illustration closeup of endwall
In this cutaway closeup, we take a look at the end wall side of the building.  You can see the wainscot and the additional low girt that is added to support it.  The roof extensions require the roof purlins to extend beyond the wall to support the roof panels as well as the soffit panels.  Also in the roof and wall cavity, you can see the steel building insulation.  The liner panels are 12' tall with a girt located at the top for the panels to attach.

All of these options help make this a popular building.  Whether it's the 40x60x16 dimensions giving so much space, or the options that enhance it's appearance, it is a great looking building with potential for a variety of applications.  Every building we sell can have these same options when your looking to customize your steel building.

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