Steel Building Sports Facilities

Indoor sports facilities are a great option for many clubs and businesses around the country.  From providing extended hours of operation to the luxury of conditioned space, a metal building provides a number of advantages.  Whether your needs are for batting cages, multi-purpose play space, or a full fledged gymnasium, Renegade Steel Buildings can provide you with the right structure to fulfill your Steel Building Sports Facility needs.

The Advantages of Steel

A pre-engineered steel building provides many advantages for your sports facility.  First and foremost is the ability to span wide spaces with no need for interior support columns.  This provides you with the dimensions needed for courts such as volleyball and basketball.  It also allows for multiple configurations for different needs.  The build time of the facility is also shortened, meaning you can start seeing a return on your investment quicker. Using a prefabricated building kit also reduces the amount of waste involved during construction to an absolute minimum. When you choose steel rather than conventional building materials such as wood, you also receive the benefits of lower lifetime maintenance.

Steel building indoor batting cages

Indoor batting cage facility

This sports facility utilizes a clearspan steel building giving them cages designed for the requirements of different sports and pitch speeds.

steel building sports facility batting cages interior
Steel building indoor batting cages

Indoor batting cage facility with partial walls

Not all sports facilities are fully enclosed.  This building used for batting cages was designed partially open to allow for natural airflow through the building.  This made for a nice covered area for their athletes to practice and warm up before a game.

Indoor facility used for dog club

Indoor facility used for dog club

This facility is used for dog agility training and shows.  Being a year round sport, having an indoor facility allows both dog and owner to enjoy the sport throughout the year.

Indoor facility used for dog club

Gymnastics Sports Facility

Gymnastics is a huge sport throughout the country with many participants and parents alike.  With a metal building, you can design your gym to accommodate everything from the large area required for floor exercises to the equipment needed for balance beam and bars, not to mention the area for parents to watch.

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