Self Storage Mini Steel Buildings

Self Storage Mini Steel Building construction so simple a small crew equipped with step ladders and hand tools can erect the entire building.

self storage mini steel metal building with step down, white with blue doors and trimSelf Storage mini steel buildings offer a great business opportunity!

Self Storage steel buildings are a great way to provide revenue with an affordable initial cost. If you have the land available, you can start small and scale up as you add customers. You can configure the units to fit your site and your customers needs from small walk ins to spaces big enough to fit a car or a whole house of furnishings.

Self Storage mini steel buildings are great, but what if my lot is not level?

If your property is not level, Renegade Steel Buildings can help design your building to include step downs at intervals to keep grading at a minimum. Tell us what you need, we are here to help you get the best steel building at a great price.

self storage mini steel building being builtConstructing your Self Storage mini steel building...

"Can you really put up a self storage building with a small crew and ladders" is a question we often get.  The answer is Yes, you can.  The question is really more of do you have the time to spend getting everything done which is where hiring a crew to erect for you is an important decision to make.  A crew that erects steel buildings and self storage mini buildings in particular move very quickly and can have your building up in a fraction of the time just due to experience.  It's worth a look to see if the time saved is worth the expense.

Renegade Steel Building project managers are here to help...

Give us a call and discuss how you plan to use your building.  All the project managers at Renegade Steel Buildings have experience with self storage mini steel buildings, and can help you with your project needs!

Self Storage Steel Building Standard Product

  • 8’6″ eave height
  • 1/2:12 roof pitch
  • Roof panels are 26 gauge Galvalume
  • Wall panels are 26 gauge painted
  • 40 year limited warranty
  • Frame with 16 gauge red oxide steel
  • Interior partition panels are 29 gauge Galvalume
  • 1/2″ wedge anchors included
  • Engineer sealed drawings and erection drawings
  • Self Storage Steel Building Options

  • Steps - Depending on your property grade, you may need one or many steps to keep your units accessible.
  • Firewalls - Depending on your local codes, you may need to have a firewall at certain intervals on your building.
  • Hallways - Whether for climate controlled or standard buildings for access to interior units.
  • Parapet end walls - Helps dress up your building to make the ends appear to be flat.
  • Foundation plans - Plans specific to your building and location.
  • Standing Seam roof - A great option for fewer roof screw penetrations.
  • Gutters and downspouts - Allows you to manage and direct rainwater away from your buildings.
  • Moisture barrier - Every steel building sweats, this will help keep condensation from affecting your tenants.
  • Galvanized framing - Additional protection for your structural and secondary framing.

  • Features that work for you

  • Complete material packages delivered quickly and accurately to your job site
  • Flexibility in design for maximum lot potential
  • Eave heights can range from 8’6″ to 16’0″
  • 40 year limited paint warranty
  • Erection drawing and installation guide sent with materials
  • Key parts marked for easy erection
  • Buildings are designed for simple, fast and efficient construction
  • Free quotes
  • Quick turnaround
  • Knowledgeable sales staff with nearly 60 years of experience
  • Quality checks in both order entry and production ensure order accuracy
  • We make it easy to do business in self Storage!