100x200 Steel Building

A 100x200 Steel Building can be used for most about anything from a commercial warehouse to an industrial manufacturing complex and anything in between.  A 100x200 steel building also provides 20,000 square feet of open space due to the clear span design of a pre-engineered metal building (PEMB).  This allows you to design your floor plan however it fits your needs without worrying about internal support columns.  Of course, if you needs allow for internal support, your building costs can be reduced.  Working with a Renegade Steel Building project manager can allow you work out the details to help you get the most economical design.

While the bottom line may be a driving factor in deciding on your steel building, there may also be some required aesthetics to consider as well.  There are many ways to customize your steel building, so be sure to discuss your needs with your Renegade Steel Building project manager.

Whatever the need, Renegade Steel Buildings can help with your 100x200 steel building.

100x200x14 steel building with red walls and white trim
100x200x14 steel building red iron framing illustration

Business owners have to look at all the costs involved when considering starting or growing a business.  Part of that involves not only the steel building, but concrete and erection.  While we are not general contractors, we know much of the process that goes into a steel building.  We can provide you with the steel building kit while you utilize local contractors for concrete and erecting.   We are even happy to work with your local general contractor to get you the best price for your building.

So the obvious question is  "How much does a 100x200 steel building cost"?

We like to have a quick conversation with you to get the info on all the details that will ultimately make up your Steel Building. Details such as roll up doors, roof pitch, gutters, how you plan to use the building so we can determine bay spacing and so on.  This gives us the information needed to create an accurate quote so that you have real numbers to base your decisions on.  With that being said, we have put together a basic price to get you started.

100x200x14 steel building cost        $176,500*

*The Price is based on the specs below, pricing subject to change without notice.  Price reflects building kit only.  Shipping and tax are not included.  Your location may require different wind and/or snow loads which may effect your cost.  It is your responsibility to verify your local code and load requirements.
  • IBC 18
  • 5# ground snow
  • 115 mph wind load, exposure B
  • 1-3070 walk door
  • 3-12x10 framed openings
  • Formed base trim
  • Simple eave trim
  • 26 ga PBR Galvalume roof panels
  • 26 ga PBR Color wall panels
  • Clear span main frame design
100x200x14 steel building illustration with red walls and white trim

Advantages of a 100x200 Steel Building

  • Renegade Checkmark

    Made in the USA

  • Renegade Checkmark

    25 year finish warranty

  • Renegade Checkmark

    Steel Buildings are viturally maintenance free

  • Renegade Checkmark

    Engineered for your local wind and snow loads

  • Renegade Checkmark

    Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings reduce waste - saves money

  • Renegade Checkmark

    Quick Installation - Quicker ROI

  • Renegade Checkmark

    Environmentally friendly - recycleable materials

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Designed to fit your needs.

There are many ways you can design a steel buildings. We are happy to work with you to give you the design you want and can help guide you with best practices to make your building as economical as possible. Whether your looking for a roof only building to cover materials, a Multi-Span building to give you the most square footage under roof, or a building with a lean to to give you the space and look you need, we can help.

Open large steel building

80x300x15 roof only

Multi Span large steel building

238x169x18 multi-span building

large steel building with lean to

100x180x16 with lean to

Common Large Steel Buildings sizes and applications

50x50 - 2500 sq/ft
50x100 - 5000 sq/ft
• 60x75 - 4500 sq/ft
• 60x120 - 7200 sq/ft
• 60x150 - 9000 sq/ft
75x100 - 7500 sq/ft
• 75x150 - 11250 sq/ft
• 75x200 - 15000 sq/ft
100x100 - 10000 sq/ft
• 100x125 - 12500 sq/ft
• 100x150 - 15000 sq/ft
• 100x200 - 20000 sq/ft
• 100x300 - 30000 sq/ft
• 125x250 - 31250 sq/ft
• 200x200 - 40000 sq/ft
• 200x300 - 60000 sq/ft

Industrial Fabrication
Auto Mechanic Shop
Steel Building Garage
• Production Facility
• Sound Stage
• Party Rental Warehouse
Commercial Property

What makes a Renegade Steel Building Different?

PBR bearing rib illustration

PBR panels standard

“PBR” stands for Purlin Bearing Rib. While others may use a standard panel, Renegade uses the “PBR” panel on the roof and walls of our buildings. This gives the system rigidity and weathertightness. Other profiles are available with the purlin bearing system.
steel building long life screw

Long Life Screws

Renegade’s long-life, self drilling fasteners are cast aluminum zinc with a EPDM sealing washer help enforce the finish warranties and ensure a long lasting, rust free building. We include these on both the roof and walls.
Steel Building formed base trim illustration

Formed Base Trim

The base of our buildings uses formed base trim. This heavier gauge, one piece system installs quicker and reduces the possibility of problems seen with 2 piece systems as well as supporting your manufacturers warranty on wall panels.
steel building girt clips factory welded

Factory Welded Clips

Clips for the roof purlins and wall girts are factory located and welded saving you time when erecting your building.

steel building window framed opening

Framed Openings

One other BIG difference in a Renegade building is that whenever a customer wants a window, we always include a framed opening. This provides a sturdy and secure structure for the window to attach to. It also provides a better fit for weather tightness. Other companies may take the cheap approach and just sell a window that simply screws into the wall panel.

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