Steel Building Types

There are many steel building types as well as steel building uses.  As you can see from the list below, steel buildings have taken over many forms of traditional construction to become the preferred building type.

In the agricultural field they can be used for barns, equipment storage, commodity storage as well as riding arenas.  In many communities they are used for churches, community centers, fire departments and municipal buildings.  A steel building is well utilized in commercial and retail environments allowing business owners to enjoy a wide open, clear span space with no internal support structures to deal with.  Many residential shops and garages utilize this type of building as well.

The advantages of a steel building are numerous.

  • Pre-engineered means less waste.
  • Bolt up construction reduces construction time over conventional methods.
  • Clear span design gives you more usable floor space.
  • Width, length and height to fit your needs.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Engineered for your location.

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Agricultural steel building red barn metal building

Agricultural Steel Buildings

The weathered wooden barns and short-lived sheds that dot the acres of farmland and ranches are quickly being replaced by durable, longer-lasting steel buildings. Due to the services granted by steel, equipment and livestock are now safer than ever from fire and other environmental dangers. The solid steel-framed buildings themselves are protected from termite and insect infestation, and when purchasing from a steel building manufacturer like Renegade Steel you’re guaranteed a building that will stand the test of time far beyond that of any traditional wood-framed structure.

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Agricultural steel building horse riding arena

Steel Riding Arenas

To professional equestrians, entertainers, horse beginners and enthusiasts, the riding arena has been a source of freedom, enjoyment, relaxation and fun for years. Throughout the history of equestrianism there have been advances in riding technique, the introduction of Olympic riding disciplines, new forms of entertainment through expert showmanship and more. All this leading up to the evolution of the modern day rider as a whole. During this time of great advancement, the benefits that a modern steel riding arena offers has rapidly gained popularity by intriguing and satisfying professional equestrians and investors alike. Whether you require a modest and partially open training arena or a fully closed center of riding entertainment at it’s finest and anything in between, Renegade Steel proudly provides the highest quality steel and craftsmanship available.

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Church steel building with brick walls

Church Steel Buildings

Religious organizations have played a significant role in community since the earliest human civilizations. Modern churches provide a plethora of goodwill and honest services to their community, including volunteer activities, drug-prevention, marriage counseling, food-runs, homeless shelters, crime prevention, parks and playgrounds, funding for children healthcare and hospitals, various charities – the list goes on and on. Many organized churches often spend around 80% of their operating budget as a stimulus to their local community. Managing the budget for such an outstanding degree of altruism is no meager task and requires nothing short of a disciplined and steady level of responsibility. Due to the necessary emphasis on budgeting for a religious organization, churches across all of America are turning towards using steel buildings for their cheaper construction costs, snappy and uncomplicated assembly, easily customized appearance, and prefabricated capacity for further expansion. 

What Makes A Steel Church Facility The Best Choice

We at Renegade Steel take pride in the fact that we make our services readily available to any religious organization in need of a new building or facility. The all-around flexibility that comes from building with steel allows us to make any number of floor plans and the strength of our 100% Structural Steel I-Beams gives way for clear span ceilings that can easily provide a graciously spacious layout. Our steel buildings can be used for gymnasiums, chapels, fellowship halls, classrooms, storage, shelters and virtually any other form of application. Steel buildings are cheaper than traditional wood-framed buildings, faster to construct with little to no waste of materials throughout the process, and customizable in appearance. The maintenance required for steel church facilities is also much less expensive, saving you time and money throughout the building’s (very) long life-time.

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Steel building batting cages interior

Steel Sports Facilities

All-purpose sports facilities have become a convenient option for towns all across America. These indoor arenas can be the start of a new children’s sports league, an expanded venue for an existing league or even a venture taken on through private investors or as a charity donation within the community as a whole. Regardless of the scenario, Renegade Steel can provide the arena to meet and exceed all of the specifications and requirements for any situation, and it can be done at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional building methods.

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steel building gymnastics

Steel Gymnasium

The spacious floor plan and tall wide-beamed height requirements can make conventional construction materials greatly impractical when building a gymnasium. A pre-engineered steel gym easily meets these requirements. The durability and strength of steel allows for a clear span ceiling that gives you every extra inch of space possible, without the need for columns or support beams. A steel gym is also very customizable, making them adaptable to almost any size or situation. They are prefabricated by design to be constructed quickly and easily, lowering the labor costs and price during assembly. Once fully constructed, steel gymnasiums require far less maintenance and upkeep than other traditional building materials.

Further Benefits of Steel

Churches, schools, investors and businesses who work within a stringent budget often need to find a delicate balance between an affordable option and high-quality results. A steel gym offers a cheaper and faster construction, lowering labor costs during assembly. It also significantly reduces the maintenance expenses during the buildings (very) long lifetime. Steel buildings are also greater protected from environmental dangers such as fire, heavy winds, hail, snow and termite infestation. With any recreational building, maintaining a professional and attractive public image is a primary concern. Renegade Steel offers several color options, accessories and building features that will achieve the style and appearance attractive to the public and within a price range attractive to investors or owners budgeting for the construction.

Fire Rescue steel building

Steel Building Fire Stations

Governmental or Institutional buildings such as Firehouses, Police Stations, DMVs, City Halls, etc; have been long-established necessities for any community. They provide governmental assistance in many forms that are typically non-profit and are nothing short of indispensable. While the buildings and services provided are predetermined and obligated, the construction costs (and quality) involved in building these facilities can vary greatly.

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retail steel building

Steel Commercial Building

Whether you’re a developer looking to start up in commercial real estate or you already have commercial developments and are looking to expand, a pre-engineered commercial steel building can be the best solution to keeping within a budget while maintaining the highest value for your investment. Due to the ever increasing price of real estate combined with the cost of construction and time it takes to assemble buildings from conventional building materials, steel buildings are finding a great increase in popularity and have started providing many with the low-cost, high quality and attractive answer they’ve been looking for. Made from top-grade steel, a Renegade Steel Commercial Building can adapt to virtually any variety of commercial facilities.

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steel building motorcycle dealership

Retail Steel Building

Whether your retail operation revolves around auto-parts, specialty, department stores, etc; there are several factors that need to be assessed before opening a new location. First, the right location has to be chosen based on the surrounding area, amount of traffic and many other factors. Second, the building type is chosen based on budgetary needs, space requirements and customizable options.  Our Steel Retail Buildings are very adaptable and will fit right along with nearly any variety of location requirements and the retail specialty needs of just about any retail operation.

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steel building strip mall

Steel Strip Mall

Strip malls have proved their mass-market appeal time and time again all throughout America. With the potential for high profits, they’ve become a safer and more economic choice for investors and those interested in commercial property real estate. That being said, minimizing the start-up costs has a large role in successfully implementing a popular strip mall or shopping center.

A Renegade Steel Strip Mall is a low-cost, industriously swift solution that allows you to capitalize on your investment in a fraction of the time it takes traditional building methods. Steel buildings require much less maintenance and upkeep and can be designed to meet an attractive, appealing and customer-oriented appearance.

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steel building manufacturing facility

Steel Manufacturing Facility

A manufacturing facility built from traditional building materials is likely going to require a fair amount of expense and even further maintenance and upkeep once constructed. A Renegade Steel  building Manufacturing facility offers low overhead costs and upkeep, an ample workspace and the prefabricated ability to expand your facility right along with your expanding business.

Why Steel Works For You

As with the manufacturing business and any industry, time is money. The time spent during construction cuts directly into the time left waiting to capitalize on the new facility. A pre-engineered steel building significantly reduces the time spent on construction, further reducing any labor costs involved.

In addition to the speedy delivery, the time and expense spent for on-going maintenance and upkeep involved with steel buildings is greatly lowered compared to traditional building materials. The durability of steel also provides a level of protection that other building types simply can’t compete with.

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steel building warehouse with open lean to

Steel Warehouse

 Our pre-engineered warehouses ensure a streamlined construction, with lower labor costs and a long list of advantages that will benefit you long after we’ve finished the job.

Why Steel Is Your Best Option

Pre-engineered steel warehouses are constructed in a fraction of the time that it takes other building methods. With a dedication to detail, Renegade Steel will deliver a building kit that minimizes waste, labor costs, on-going maintenance and comes with virtually any combination of features a high quality warehouse would require.

The strength and durability of steel allows for wide span ceilings and expansive floor plans. Renegade Steel also offers several color options and building accessories to enhance your warehouse’s appearance and functionality.

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steel building garage metal building

Steel Garage

Garages are typically used as storage sheds for special tools, equipment, products and more. They can be simple structures designed to come up quickly and cheaply, and in some cases there’s a need for a specialty solution created by high-caliber building designers. Regardless of the complexity, a steel or metal garage puts forward an extended value that simply can’t be found in a traditional garage made from wood, stone or other common materials.

Built from nothing but Renegade’s top-grade 100% Structural Steel I-Beams, it makes sense that our buildings are stronger and more durable.

Why A Steel Garage Benefits You

Our steel garages are adaptable for any variation of usage and can easily accommodate any unique requirements you might have. The sturdiness of steel allows for wide-span ceilings and expansive open layouts, far more sizable than a conventional wood-framed building. We also offer several different amenities for steel garages such as color options and accessories.

A major benefit that comes from using a pre-engineered building kit is a quick and uncomplicated assembly. We pre-determine the optimal use of materials, effectively eliminating waste and reducing costs. The speed and ease at which our garages can be built requires less labor and enables you to capitalize on your new facility quickly.

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steel building airplane hangar

Steel Aircraft Hangars

Anyone within the aircraft industry knows that even small planes require thousands of dollars invested and further more still in maintenance. Choosing a steel aircraft hangar to store your aircraft offers a great deal of advantages such as a cheaper construction and labor costs, a strong and justified sense of security, a quick and uncomplicated assembly, a great deal of flexibility in how your hangar is built and lower on-going maintenance costs after construction.

For these reasons, steel has become a standard for aircraft hangars.

Further Reasons Steel Benefits You

Steel buildings are very customizable for both functionality and aesthetics. The exterior can be changed to fit virtually any specifications, and our steel building designers will help you along the way to achieve the precise style and appearance you need or want.

When such a unique structure like an aircraft hangar is necessary, traditional building materials are very costly to produce the necessary frame. Because of the tall ceilings and expansive layout needed to store aircrafts, conventional building methods are both limited and overpriced. The strength and durability of steel gives way for tall, clear span ceilings and wide open floor plans.

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steel building self storage warehouse

Self Storage Mini Steel Building

Steel is a common choice for those in the self-storage business, and as a premier steel building provider we know exactly why. Investors and business owners working within a low start-up budget and experienced self-storage owners and operators alike benefit from using steel.

Self-storage facilities need a variety of different sized storage units along with minimal maintenance and operating costs. They can also greatly benefit from a speedy construction and easily expandable exterior when the right time comes along.

Renegade Steel self-storage units satisfies and exceeds every requirement above. Made from the most cutting-edge technology and practiced steel building designers in our industry, our pre-engineered steel building kits create solutions that are tailor-made to fit whatever you need within your budget.

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