Customize your steel building

While many customers are content with a steel building looking like, well, a steel building, you may want to know how to customize your steel building.  Maybe you have HOA or covenant restrictions, or possibly requirements from your local building permit office that dictate how your building will ultimately look.  We are happy to help you through the process to customize your steel building to get the look you want.

Of course, the first part of any project is to determine the size and shape of your building.  Your lot and any property setbacks may be a factor in the size you can build.  Once you have a size, it's time to see what options and accessories allow you to get the look you want.  There are many ways to dress up a steel building, some of which we offer, others we just account for in the design and you have a contractor finish.

The first decision for a steel building is simply the colors you choose.  You can get a pretty good visual using our color selector tool to experiment with various color schemes.  A common color scheme is tan walls and dark trim for an earth tone look, or red walls with white trim for a classic barn look.

White walls and trim
40x60 renegade steel building with tan walls and bronze trim
Sagebrush Tan walls and Burnished Slate trim
Red walls and White trim

The large doors and walk doors are another way to customize your building.  There are a couple of options when it comes to the large doors - roll up or panel doors.

Roll up doors have a commercial look with a steel curtain that rolls onto itself in a drum above the door opening.  There are not many options when it comes to a roll up door other than the color you choose.

Panel doors can go from a commercial look to a residential look with many different options available.  You can also get an insulated panel door which can help with your heating and cooling costs.

Renegade can offer you a standard roll up door.  If you decide to go with a panel door, you would need to purchase that locally from a company that can provide installation and service.


With just the basic options covered, you may be thinking how else can you customize your steel building?  Some of the next options are relatively inexpensive while others cost more than you may expect.  The first option to take a look at is to add wainscot to the bottom of your building.  The easiest way to accomplish this is with just a simple color change to help accent your building.  The cost in this option comes from adding an additional low girt on any wall that has wainscot as well as the trim needed for the panel break.
Renegade Steel Building with tan walls
Sagebrush Tan walls and Burnished Slate trim
Sagebrush Tan walls and Burnished Slate trim & wainscot
In the images below, you can see the extra girt that is added to the building just for the wainscot panel.
Renegade steel building wainscot cutaway illustration
Cutaway to show added girt at 3'6"
Renegade steel building low girt illustration
Closeup of added girt for wainscot
There is another option when considering this option and that is to use brick or stone for the wainscot.  This is an option that we can design for, but you would have your local contractor supply the brick or stone and complete the install.
Renegade steel buildings tan with brick wainscot illustration
Tan building with brick wainscot
Renegade steel buildings tan with stone wainscot illustration
Tan building with stone wainscot

Eave Extensions

Eave extensions make probably the most visual difference in the look of a steel building.  Many houses are constructed with the roof line extending past the walls creating an classic look.  This same feature can be added to your steel building when you want to match that look or just like the effect it gives.  Many customers choose to extend all edges of the roof line either 18" or 24".  To finish this look nicely and make your building look complete, adding a soffit is a popular option.

With all that being said, extensions often cost much more that you may expect.   We will try to explain that with some images as well.

Renegade steel buildings tan with stone wainscot and eave extensions illustration
Tan building with brick wainscot and extensions
Renegade steel buildings eave extensions illustration
Steel Building frame showing extensions
Renegade steel buildings eave extensions closeup illustration
Steel Building extensions closeup illustration
As you can see, the extensions add a very nice look to a steel building.  From the framing illustrations, you can see the purlins that extend past the end of the building and the beams added at the eave to support the load.  The added beams are heavy gauge I-beams attached to the mainframes to support the roof loads beyond the edge of the building.  This also forces changes on the supporting frames.  All of these add steel which adds cost.  Don't be surprised when you get the cost back on extensions, there really are good reasons for why they cost so much.
30x40 steel building illustration with optional add ons

Another couple of options to consider are windows and cupolas.

With so many options available to customize your steel building, we are here to help you through the process of getting the building you want.  Give us a call to discuss your needs, or fill out our quick quote form.