40x60x14 steel building with tan walls and brown trim at sunset

40x60x14 Steel Building Shop

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Renegade steel building with attachment for crane

Steel Building with a crane

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Renegade Steel Buildings industrial manufacturing facility with attached office

Manufacturing facility and office

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Renegade Steel buildings motorsport dealership showroom and service

Motorsports showroom and service area

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Renegade steel building with gray walls and large windows

Steel building used for office building

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Renegade steel building with brick front for office and warehouse

Steel Building used for office and warehouse

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Renegade steel building riding arena interior with horses and fencing

Roof only steel building riding arena

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Renegade steel Building utilized for school and gym.

Steel Buildings utilized for Gym and Classrooms

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Strip mall style Renegade Steel Building with canopy and storefront glass and doors.

Steel Building used for retail strip mall

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    Steel Buildings

    What are steel buildings? Glad you asked, there are many different structures that people refer to as a steel or metal building. It can be anything from a "pole barn" to an aluminum frame garage up to what we sell, which is a "Red Iron" all steel building.

    While some of the "other" buildings may include metal panels or aluminum frames, they are not the same caliber as a building that uses heavy gauge red iron I-beams for the main support structure with 26 gauge panels on the roof and walls. Renegade only sells this type of sturdy, engineered and certified American made building. Nothing else compares to the quality and value.

    Red Iron steel building cutaway illustration

    Renegade Red Iron Steel Building

    The quality Metal Building that we offer

    The frame of the building is comprised of steel I-beams for the columns and rafters and steel secondary members for wall girts, roof purlins and framed openings. The mainframe columns are engineered to be anchor bolted to the concrete foundation. We utilize 26 gauge metal panels for the roof and walls with even thicker material available. This is commonly referred to as a Pre-Engineered, Red Iron Steel Building.

    Other buildings commonly referred to as a "Steel or Metal Building"

    Not sold by Renegade

    wood framed pole barn steel building cutaway illustration

    Pole Barn

    Wood frame building sold by other companies
    Not sold by Renegade

    The structure of this building is comprised of wood poles placed in the ground, wooden girts & purlins, and wooden trusses. Many times, thinner 29 gauge metal panels are used for the panels.  The wooden poles are more flexible allowing the building to move or sway in the wind.  This movement can have adverse effects on the structure and weather seal.

    quonset hut illustration

    Quonset Hut

    Cheaper arch building sold by other companies
    Not sold by Renegade

    A rounded or arch style building with no internal framing similar to the old military style buildings. There is no internal support as the arch style of the panels create a self supporting structure. This design has limitations on widths and the radius design decreases usable internal wall space.

    tube frame structure illustration

    Tube Frame "carport"

    Cheapest building sold by local companies
    Not sold by Renegade

    This style building uses an aluminum square tube for the building structure. The building can be placed on concrete or gravel with nothing more than a mobile home anchor. Typically, thinner 29 gauge metal panels are used to sheet the building.

    Steel building systems serve a variety of uses such as a work shop in the back yard, a barn for farm equipment, and horse riding arenas. Many auto service centers utilize our buildings for their facility as well as industrial spaces for manufacturing and warehousing.  The same quality design and materials are used regardless of the use of the building.

    Recently, many customers have looked to us for a home utilizing our building.  The clear span frame allows you to design your floor plan in virtually any configuration you would like.  There are also many options available to dress up the exterior to turn a metal building into your home.

    You can trust Renegade to take care of your needs!

    steel building barndominium with tan wall and brown wainscot and trim

    Steel Building Barndominium

    Thinking of utilizing a steel building for your barndominium?  We have the information you need to help you make an informed decision.
    Steel Building Barndominium

    "Does Renegade have a building that somebody didn't take delivery of?"


    "Special deal" beware

    What our customers are saying about their experience...

    “We at Wildcat Volunteer Fire Department are very pleased with our Renegade building. Everything about the project has been on schedule and on budget. Thanks in part to Renegade, we had trucks in the new station 4 months after our original station was destroyed by a tornado in April of 2011. I would highly recommend Renegade to anyone interested in a metal building.”

    P. Thompson, GA

    “Thank you so much for all you did for us. You made our purchase of this steel building so easy. I know that we weren’t the easiest customers. It took a long time for us to make up our minds. We’re so glad that we got to work with your people.”

    T. Shoffner, TN

    Being in the building business I have built my share of buildings in central and eastern North Carolina. This past year we ordered and have completed a 40,000 sf that Renegade Steel helped design and fabricated for us. This project was complete success largely due to Renegade Steel.

    R. McConnell, NC

    Frequently Asked Question

    Steel building vs wood frame

    While wood frame buildings may appear more cost effective on the front end, you have to examine the entire scope of the project. Steel buildings have several advantages like shorter build times, certified engineered to your area wind and snow loads, and no wood to rot or termites to deal with to name a few.  More Steel Building Information...

    "How fast can I get a Steel Building"

    Production lead times vary based on current orders in house.  Talk to your project manager to get an accurate and up to date production schedule.

    "Do you have a building that someone didn't take"

    Most people don't put a deposit on a building and just walk away. Not to say it doesn't happen, but it is rare! Be careful if you are being pressured to "act now" to get that deal!

    "With all the steel building companies out there, how do I know which one to trust?"

    We get it, there are a lot of metal building companies that pop up when you are searching for a vendor. First off, we would like you to know a little more about Renegade Steel Buildings and where we came from on our about us page. Second, we want you to know who is on the other end of the phone, so our team give you a face and background to go with it. Third we don't want you to just take our word for it, check out a few of our customers that have taken the time to write testimonials about their experience with Renegade Steel Buildings. Last, but not least, we want to help you through the process, so we have some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) as well as a new buyers guide.

    What are your standard steel builing sizes?

    Metal Building Kits... did you know?

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      steel building Color selector tool

      Looking for a way to visualize what colors would look good on your building.  Use our color selector tool to  test your color combinations and let us know if you have any questions.

      Completed Building Videos

      From Concept to Reality: How Steel Buildings are engineered for Durability and Strength

      In the world of construction, steel buildings have emerged as a durable and strong choice for a variety of applications. From warehouses and commercial spaces to residential homes and agricultural structures, steel buildings offer unmatched durability and strength. But have you ever wondered how these structures are engineered to withstand the test of time?

      In this article, we will explore the journey from concept to reality for steel buildings and delve into the engineering processes that ensure their durability and strength. From the initial design and calculations to fabrication, every step is carefully planned to create a structure that can withstand extreme weather conditions, heavy loads, and the test of time.

      By utilizing advanced technology, innovative techniques, and high-quality materials, engineers transform the concept of a steel building into a reality. We will also uncover the various design considerations and features that contribute to the structural integrity and longevity of steel buildings.

      Join us on this fascinating journey as we unveil the secrets behind the engineering marvels of steel buildings and discover why they continue to be the go-to choice for architects, builders, and property owners alike.

      Structural components of steel buildings

      Steel buildings are the result of meticulous engineering processes that take into account various factors such as structural stability, load-bearing capacity, and durability. The engineering behind steel buildings involves a series of steps that ensure the strength and longevity of the structure.

      The first step in the engineering process is the initial design and calculations. This involves creating a design of the steel building, taking into consideration the intended use, size, and shape of the structure. Engineers use advanced Metal Building design software to create accurate and detailed models of the building, allowing them to visualize the final product and make necessary adjustments.

      Once the design is finalized, engineers perform detailed calculations to determine the loads that the steel building will be subjected to. These calculations include factors such as wind loads, snow loads, and seismic loads, which vary depending on the location of the building. By accurately calculating the loads, engineers can ensure that the steel structure is designed to withstand these forces without compromising its integrity.

      Importance of durability and strength in steel buildings

      Steel buildings consist of various structural components that work together to provide strength and stability. These components are carefully designed and engineered to ensure that the building can withstand the forces it will be subjected to.

      The primary structural component of a steel building is the frame. The frame is typically made up of steel columns, I-beams, and braces, which provide the main support for the structure. These components are designed to distribute the load evenly and efficiently, ensuring that the building remains stable and resistant to deformation.

      Another important component of steel buildings is the roof system. The roof system is designed to provide protection from the elements and support the weight of the roof itself. It consists of steel roof purlins, and decking, which work together to create a strong and durable roof structure.

      In addition to the frame and roof system, steel buildings also incorporate other structural elements such as walls and bracing.  These components are designed to provide additional support and stability, ensuring that the building can withstand the forces it will be subjected to.

      Design Considerations for Steel Buildings

      Durability and strength are key considerations in the engineering of steel buildings. These structures are often exposed to extreme weather conditions, heavy loads, and other external factors that can put them to the test. Therefore, it is crucial to design and engineer steel buildings that can withstand these challenges and maintain their structural integrity over time.

      One of the primary advantages of steel buildings is their ability to resist corrosion. Unlike other building materials, steel is highly resistant to decay, making it an ideal choice for structures that will be exposed to moisture and other corrosive elements. Engineers incorporate various methods such as protective coatings to further enhance the durability of steel buildings.

      In addition to corrosion resistance, steel buildings are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions such as high winds and heavy snow loads. Engineers carefully calculate the wind and snow loads that the building will be subjected to and design the structure accordingly. By considering these factors during the engineering process, steel buildings can be constructed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

      Case studies of successful projects

      Engineered steel buildings offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice for architects, builders, and property owners. These benefits include:

      - Durability: Steel buildings are highly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions, heavy loads, and other challenges. They are resistant to corrosion, decay, and pests, ensuring that they maintain their structural integrity over time.

      - Strength: Steel is a strong material that can bear heavy loads and resist deformation. Steel buildings can be designed to safely support large spans and heights, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

      - Flexibility: Steel buildings offer flexibility in terms of design and layout. They can be easily modified, expanded, or reconfigured to accommodate changing needs and requirements.

      - Speed of construction: Steel buildings can be erected quickly, reducing construction time and costs. Prefabrication and efficient construction methods allow for faster assembly and completion of the project.

      - Cost-effectiveness: Steel buildings are cost-effective compared to traditional construction methods. They require less maintenance, have a longer lifespan, and offer better energy efficiency, resulting in lower operating costs.