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Steel horse riding arena

Covered Riding Arenas

Having a well prepared riding arena for you and your horse can make your experience more enjoyable.  Whether training, practice, pleasure or competition, a properly designed arena can make a big difference.  It can be difficult to find property with the perfect place to ride. There are often imperfections - the hole in the corner of your field, that minor slope that always throws your horse off balance or the lack of space.  You really need to call on the expertise of a company that has been in the business of grading and preparing riding arena surfaces.  Not just anybody has the capability of preparing the site, setting the crown for drainage, prepping the base, and utilizing the correct topping material for your riding style.  In Georgia and surrounding states, you can contact Southern Classic Arenas to take care of this portion of your project.
Renegade steel building roof only horse riding arena
In addition to the riding surface, another area to consider is a covered riding arena.  An uncovered facility is great, but the riding environment is far from ideal in certain elements. While rain is often the limiting factor, warm, sunny days can also tax both rider and horse.  Having a steel building covering your arena provides horse riders and trainers with the perfect environment for riding throughout the year.  The wide-open space is the ideal facility for all events and routines, or simply enjoying a ride with your best equine friend.  There is an obvious benefit to having more time available when utilizing an all-weather structure like a steel building.

A Renegade Steel Building can be just what you need to take your horse riding arena to the next level.  With a variety of options such as skylights and partial wall skirts, you can design the arena with the appearance and function suited to your design style and riding needs.  We have helped many equestrian facilities improve their arena by delivering a quality American made clear span steel building.

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