Retail Steel Building

When it comes to Retail Steel Buildings, they say location is everything.  While that may be true, another important factor is the building itself.  First, in many cases it is important to have a good first impression, and your building does just that.  Second, how functional is the building layout for your customers as well as your employees.  Choosing a Retail Steel Building from Renegade can give you the flexibility you need to fulfill all the requirements of your retail operation.  Whether your an auto parts store, convenient mart, or automotive dealer, we can help you get the building you need.

retail steel building auto parts store

Auto Parts Retail Steel Building

Monteagle Auto Parts store utilized a Retail Steel Building from Renegade.  The 4:12 roof pitch, stacked stone wainscot, awning, and storefront glass and doors helped give the front of their building an inviting look.  They also added a couple of large roll up doors for unloading stock for the store.

Retail steel building convenient store

Convenient Store Retail Steel Building

This Renegade customer choose a few options to create a clean look for his building.  He used a accent color for the wainscot and a canopy to provide his customers with cover as they entered his building.  He also choose to make his building with additional space that he could lease out in the future.

retail steel building general storeretail steel building general store checkout arearetail steel building general store interior checkout

General Store Retail Steel Building

Check out this Retail Steel Building used as a general store.  This customer saw a need in his community and decided he could help out.  To make the building look nice, he included stacked stone wainscot, a 4:12 pitch roof, extensions all around the building and a wrap around porch.  On the interior, he included liner panels to create a clean environment for his shoppers.

retail steel building motorcycle dealership

Automotive / Motorcycle Retail Steel Building

Talk about making a splash with the design on this Retail Steel Building.  First off, yes, this is a steel building.  Second, the front of the building was built by a general contractor.  We simply provide a building with the front open to be finished by others.  This gives you the opportunity to make a the part of your building seen by your customers as interesting as you would like while keeping the under roof portion cost effective.

As you can see from the examples above, your options for a Retail Steel Building are wide open.  The nature of a pre-engineered steel building allows for many versatile designs which can be completely clear span, or can be configured with support columns depending upon your design needs.  In addition to the flexible design, their cost effectiveness and quick installation make them a economically viable option for many applications within the retail industry.

Whether you have a design already drawn up, or are just getting started, put us to work for you to get your Renegade Steel Building quote today!

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