Steel Building Aircraft Hangar

Using a pre-engineered steel building for an aircraft hangar offers many advantages.  They are cost effective due to their efficient design and manufacturing process.  The components are fabricated off-site, reducing labor costs and construction time.  The versatility of a pre-engineered steel building means that there is a high degree of customization available for your hangar to accommodate specific aircraft sizes and configurations.  This flexibility in design allows for wide open floor plans, high ceilings and specialized doors.  Along with the strength and durability afforded by steel buildings, they are also relatively maintenance free contributing to long-term cost savings.  The clear span design allows for unobstructed movement of aircraft and equipment inside the hangar.  Adding insulation not only helps regulate the interior temperature, it can significantly reduce energy costs, help meet energy conservation codes as well as ensuring the comfort of personnel.  The use of pre-engineered steel buildings for aircraft hangars offers a combination of cost-effectiveness, efficiency, durability and flexibility that makes them a practical choice for a wide range of applications in the aviation industry.

A Steel Building Aircraft Hangar is almost a necessity when talking about protecting your aviation investment.  Whether your offering space to rent or have an aircraft of your own, Renegade Steel Buildings can help you get the best building for your money.  Many customers utilize their hangar for more than just their aircraft.  We have some customers that park many of their toys in their steel building along with their plane.  ATVs, 4-wheelers and sports cars seem to be some of the more common items.  Other customers will choose to build and office or living quarters in their building as well.  Of course, tools and maintenance equipment always seem to find a spot in the building as well.  When you start planning your hangar building, take all of these options into consideration so that we can help you get the building you need.

Steel Building Aircraft Hangar
Steel Building Aircraft Hangar

Whether your plane is a single engine prop or a twin engine jet, we can help with a building that is just right for you.  Even if you have multiple planes, we can help find the right solution to your steel building hangar needs.

You can rest assured knowing your investments are well protected in a sturdy structure that is pre-engineered to reduce waste, reduce installation time and reduce maintenance costs.

Steel Building Advantages

  • Pre-Engineered

  • Reduced Waste

  • Customizable

  • Shorter build time

  • Reduced maintenance

Steel Building Aircraft Hangar Illustration

When quoting a Steel Building Aircraft Hangar, there are a few additional items we need information on to give you an accurate quote.  First - the building needs to accommodate your aircraft wingspan and tail height.  You may think that is obvious, but we don't know the size of all the planes out there, so it is up to you to specify to fit the correct dimensions.  Second - hangar door width and height.  Unlike roll up doors, a hangar door has to go to engineering.  Third - what type of door are you planning for.  There are a variety of hangar door and manufacturers out there which require different loads engineered on your building.  It's your choice whether you want a bifold door, a stacking door, a stand alone door, or any other type door.  Without information on the door you have chosen, it is hard to give you a quote that accurately addresses the loads on the steel building wall.

A Steel Building Aircraft Hangar can be designed to fit your specific need.  Big or Small, a Renegade Steel Buildings is here to help with your project.

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