Steel building specials

Are there really steel building specials available?
Well, that’s a great question. The answer is sort of yes, but mostly no. Let us explain…

There are some sales tactics in the industry that put pressure on a customer to send in a deposit right away to secure a “Special Price” on a building. It’s common to hear that “somebody ordered a building but decided not to take it, so they have a great price for you.” Today only of course. What they are referring to is typically called a distressed building, and yes, it can happen from time to time. Honestly though, it doesn’t happen very often. Most people don’t just walk away from their deposit money!

You see, each building is designed for the specific area it is being shipped to. That’s how they have a Stamped engineer’s certification for each building. The problem is, a building designed for middle Georgia, would not have the snow load needed for say Ohio, nor the wind rating for the coast of South Carolina. So unless the “Special Building” was designed for somebody who just happens to live in an area with the same codes and loads as where you live, it would not meet the right design.

Why did you say “sort of yes” then you ask? Well, we do offer the specials below. What these are is a bare bones basic building at our rock bottom price. They are a great starting point for a basic building based on a standard set of loads and codes. We still have to check to see what the requirements are for your area, which may actually change the base price. These specials don’t include shipping as we need to know where the building is going to calculate freight. You are responsible for anchor bolts, your concrete / foundation, and labor to erect the building.

Please check out the building special that suits your need, give us a call or fill out the quick quote form and we will get started working up a quote just for you. No pressure, just real numbers!