Metal Buildings by size

30x40 Steel Building

One of our most popular sizes, the 30x40 metal building gives you 1,200 square feet of open space.  There are many uses for a shop this size from a simple storage shed to a garage or workshop. 

30x50 Steel Building

A 30x50 metal building gives you 1,500 square feet of open space.  This is an economical step up to get you more work area for your needs.

40x40 Steel Building

A 40x40 metal building gives you 1,600 square feet of open space with a little more depth than a 30x40.  It is a great option if you need space for a parked car and other items such as a small trailer.

40x60 Steel Building

Our most popular size, the 40x60 metal building gives you 2,400 square feet of open space.  Many people add a second roll up door for even more access to parking and storage.

50x100 Steel Building

When space is a driving factor, my customers choose a 50x100 metal building to take care of their needs.  Whether for personal or business use, 5,000 square feet of space gives you ample room for whatever your needs call for.

While the buildings above are some of our most popular sizes, you are not limited to just these.  We can help you with any size that fits your needs.  To get started on your free quote today, got to our Quick Quote form, answer a few questions and we will be happy to help you.