Renegade Steel Buildings Photo Galleries

Steel buildings come in all shapes and sizes. One of the best ways to get ideas is to take a look at completed buildings to see what others have done with their steel building. Whether you are looking for a basic metal building that not many people will see, need something more dressed up to match your home, or have requirements to meet a certain look, we have some examples for you.

Take a look at the different options here, and if you don't see something your thinking about, just ask your project manager to see if it is an option that works on a steel building.  Some common items to customize a steel building are Wainscot, Canopies, and Cupolas.  Wainscot can just be a simple color change, or you can add brick or stone to really set the accent off.  Canopies can be made of steel, or you can add a fabric canopy after your building is built.  The cupola is a great option to give you more of that barn look.  There are examples of each in the different galleries above.