A workshop can have any number of uses depending on your hobbies or needs.  For some, it is a place to do wood working, while others may refinish furniture.  If your hobby is automotive, it might be a place to work on your classic cars.  Still others could have interests in antique farm tractors or vintage motorcycles.  Whatever your interest is, a steel building workshop gives you the space you need to enjoy your hobby.

A small 30x30 or 30x40 workshop may be all you need to work on one project at a time.  Maybe your hobby requires space for tools and your project and a slightly larger building would work better for you.  A 40x60 metal building my be just what you need.  You may also need storage/display space in addition to workspace.  Several customers have gone with a 50x100 or larger to fit their needs.

All White Steel Building Garage
Steel Building Garage with tan walls and brown trim
Steel building man cave exterior
40x60 Renegade Steel Building with white walls, silver wainscot and large doors.

Whether you have motorcycles, and antique cars and trucks or need space for wood working, metal working or any other hobby, we have a Steel Building workshop for you.  You can rest assured knowing your investments are well protected in a sturdy structure that is pre-engineered to reduce waste, reduce installation time and reduce maintenance costs.

Steel Building Advantages

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    Reduced Waste

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    Shorter build time

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    Reduced maintenance

Steel Building Garage illustration
Steel Building Garage with lean to
Steel Building Garage with lean to

This Customer designed his workshop to include space for a couple of automotive lifts and space to keep his RV as well.  At 40x80x16, he has 3,200 sq ft to work with.

Choosing a steel building for your workshop comes with many advantages.  Lets take a look at how you can benefit from and utilize a Renegade Building to your advantage.  A pre-engineered steel building allow you to recognize a variety of savings when compared to traditional construction.

Reduced Waste

One of the first advantages is the reduction in material waste when dealing with a pre-engineered building.  With all the calculations done on the front end providing the plant with details on each component of your building, every piece and part is cut to spec before leaving the production facility.  Not only does this reduce cost by reducing waste, it helps speed the process of construction.

Design Freedoms

The clear span design of a red-iron steel building gives you the opportunity to have a wide open floor plan.  Many hobbies and occupations can benefit from having ample room to work with nothing to impair your movement in the shop.  This also gives you options on door and window locations to make your space as functional as possible.

Built to Last

Your steel building will be engineered with your local wind and snow loads in mind (we always ask you to verify those with your local permit office).  This design allows you to have peace of mind knowing that your possessions are secure in a building built to last in your specific location.

Low Maintenance

While every building requires some maintenance, a steel building needs very little.  Keep the panels clean and the gutters empty and you are pretty much done.  No worries about wood rot, termites, or constantly repainting, your steel building will go years with little effort.

Cost Effective

The larger you go with your building, it generally gets more cost effective.  Not only that, but with a quicker build time and reduced maintenance, your sure to see cost savings over other traditional construction methods.

30x40 wood working workshop layout
30x40 wood working workshop layout illustration

There are countless ways to layout a wood working workshop.  With a 30x40 steel building, you will have the room to arrange your tools the way that works best for you.  Who wouldn't want 1,200 sq ft to house their workshop?

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