Basics of Metal Building Systems Construction

metal building on delivery truck

Basics of Metal Building Systems Construction

If this is your first time doing a metal building, the process can seem intimidating.  That's why we came up with this post to help you with the basics of metal building systems construction.  While you're looking at websites and pictures of steel buildings, there are some things to consider in terms of the size building you can place on your property.  Most parcels of land have setback requirements that may determine the size and shape of a building that you can use.  You should check with your local municipality to verify your setbacks and also see if you need to have your building permitted.

Now that you know what size metal building you can build, you need to look at your land to see what ground work needs to be done at the location you intend to build.  Grading and ground clearing can take time and cost more than some people realize.

Your steel building size can depend on many factors.  Sometimes the size of your lot will determine the width and length.  Other times it's what you need the building for that dictates the size.  For commercial properties, the land set backs and amount of parking spaces will govern your steel building size.  Whatever the determining factor, we can accommodate whatever size you need.  With that being said, we have seen a trend for a number of building sizes that tend to be most popular among our customers.

metal building grading

You want your lot to be level and compacted before digging your foundation for your building.  Every Metal Building System we sell will require a foundation for support.  Whether it's just piers for an open building or a full perimeter footer with piers and slab, you need to make sure your foundation is solid for your building.

metal building grading
metal building system anchor bolts

Once you have a good idea of your available space, you can determine your building size.  When you are happy with your quote, you put down a deposit on your building to get the engineering started.  In a few weeks, your permit drawings will be completed and mailed to you.  You will use these to get permits if needed and for the layout of the anchor bolts for your foundation.

Pre-engineered Metal Building Systems don't ship with anchor bolts so make sure your concrete guy provides them.  Also, ask your salesman about foundation plans as they are not included with the building drawings, they come from a different engineer.

metal building system foundation

While you are working on your concrete, the building will go through detailing and scheduling for production.  Towards the end of this process, we will get notification for the intended ship date which we communicate with you.  At this point, you should have your erector scheduled so that they can unload the building and get started putting it up once it is inventoried.  If you happen to have doors and insulation with your building, we schedule those to deliver later the same day the steel arrives.

steel building on delivery truckSteel Building delivery

Metal Building Delivery

Preparing for your Metal Building Delivery is an important part of your project process.  You want to make sure the truck carrying the steel can make it to your job site.  Most buildings deliver on a traditional transfer truck, so both weight and length need to be addressed.  If it cannot make a turn or it might get stuck, you may need to unload at the street closest to you.  The decision on whether the truck can make it in and out of your job site is completely up to the driver.

Speaking of unloading, that is your responsibility.  The truck drivers are just that, drivers - they don't unload.  You will need to have a way to lift all the parts and pieces off the truck.  The recommended equipment is an all terrain Lull and a spreader bar.  This is the same equipment you will use to erect your building as well. If you have an erector lined up, they may include this equipment in their price.

The Metal Building delivery driver will be the one you give your Cashier's Check to for your COD.  If you have other options on your building like roll up doors and insulation, they typically come on other delivery trucks later in the day.

Take care to stage all of your parts and pieces so as to not damage anything and give yourself room to inventory all the parts and pieces.  If your able to, take a few pictures of the loaded truck and then of your unloaded parts.  If you happen to run across a missing or damaged part, document the part number and give us a call to resolve the issue.  It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it can be handled quickly the sooner we know about it.

If you are not putting up your building right away, staging a Metal Building is the best way to keep everything organized and clean until building time.  Use pallets or wood to keep everything off the ground and tilt it to allow the water to run off.  It is also suggested to cover everything with a tarp to further protect it.

steel building on delivery truck

Metal Building System Erecting

Once onsite, you can either erect the Metal Building yourself, or hire an erector to do it for you.  Depending on the size of your building an erector can have you in your completed building in as little as a few days for a small metal building to a week or two for larger buildings and those with additional options.

Metal Buiding site work start

Breaking Ground

metal building begining erecting

Erecting the Main Frame

metal building being erected frame only

Erecting the Lean To

Metal building being erected

Roof and wall panels

Metal Building completed

Completed Building

Advantages of utilizing a Metal Building System

  • Made in the USA

  • 25 year finish warranty

  • Steel buildings are vitually maintenance free

  • Engineered for your location wind and snow loads

  • Pre-Engineered metal buildings reduce waste - saves money

  • Quick Installation

  • Environmentally friendly

Common uses for Metal Building Systems

Tool Shed
Work shop
Pool house
Hunt camp
Art Studio
Meditation studio
Living off grid
Gardening shed
Auto Mechanic Shop
Steel Building Home
Retail strip mall
Tool Rental Facility
Party Rental Warehouse
Motorcycle Shop

Additional steel building sizes

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