Steel Building Brochure

Renegae Steel Buildings Brochure

Steel Building Brochure

When we get a quote request from a potential customer, we often like to send them a Steel Building Brochure.  This gives them a nicely printed piece with information about our standards along with contact information for their salesman.  It may seem old fashioned these days, but we think it is nice to have a folder with info about the company along with a quote and sketch.  It becomes a nice way to keep any revisions and new sketches organized.

When it came time to update our Steel Building Brochure, we decided to change from a trifold layout to a bifold with a pocket to hold the quote, sketch and our new color chart page.  We were able to add a picture with the color chart to explain some of the terminology for the various color choice locations for a steel building.

When we set out to find a new printer, we were looking for somebody with both offset and digital printing to handle the different requirements of each part of our brochure.  Once Renegade settled on The Georgian Press, we looked forward to getting our new materials.  Of course this means doing a press check to make sure the colors are all correct.  This was the shortest and easiest press check we have ever done.  When we arrived, the press had already been brought up to color and the printed sheets matched the proof we had been given.  Of course the digital proof was the same as the printed product so that portion was just as easy.  Overall, we couldn't be happier with the service and attention to detail that we received from the staff at The Georgian Press.  They were very professional and knowledgeable.

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