Expand your business with a 100 ft steel building

Commercial steel building

Expand your business with a 100 ft steel building

100' wide commercial steel building

What do you do when sales are growing, but space is limited?  Add additional space with a 100 ft Steel Building from Renegade, of course!

When business is good, it can bring with it unique problems like our customer saw with their Casework Business.  At some point, management has to look to increase work space in order to continue to grow business.  That's exactly what Commercial Casework Industries decided to do.  When production dictated the need for more space, they reached out to Renegade Steel Buildings to help with their expansion. 

Commercial steel building interior work areaCommercial steel building tan exterior
Commercial steel building inside work stations

The new building allowed them to move the custom shop portion of their business into a new work area allowing streamlining of their existing space.  They decided that a 75 ft x 100 ft steel building would work for their needs.  With multiple orders in house at any given time, it is imperative to allocate space wisely to maximize production.  With the custom shop functioning in their own space, they were able to utilize their space more efficiently.

Commercial steel building work space

Getting a tour of their facility shows what an impressive operation they have.  Every aspect from design to production is handled in house and with a high degree of pride in their work.  It is always nice to see how Renegade can help a growing business.

For more info on Commercial Casework Inc, check out their site here
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