Environmentally Friendly Buildings

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Environmentally friendly buildings

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Environmentally friendly buildings can be made from a number of materials both recycled and renewable.  One of the most recycled materials is steel, so it makes sense to utilize this in your building.  Some manufacturers use high percentages (sometimes up to 70%) of recycled steel in their pre-engineered steel building fabrication.  This utilization of recycled materials also has an impact on reducing mining waste as well as reducing air and water pollution.

Steel Building components ready to load

The Pre-Engineered part of the equation also means that your are minimizing the amount of waste due to the engineering and fabrication process.  Each part of the production process utilizes methods to create the best utilization of raw materials possible.  The result is much less overages in materials compared to traditional building methods.  In addition, the scraps can again be recycled for future use.  If you have ever been on a traditional stick build construction site, you know that much of the waste material ends up in a trash container that typically does not get recycled.

Steel building strapped on truck

This precision in the production of parts means that your building arrives in a kit form with everything ready to bolt up.  There are things such as field located doors and windows that have to be located and cut in on site, but the majority of the building is ready to go.

Much of the maintenance on a traditional building revolves around the paint.  With a Steel Building, the paint is guaranteed for at least 25 years, meaning you won't have to worry about dealing with re-painting like you do with wood frame/clad structures.  The paint colors you choose can also help with solar reflectivity helping to reduce energy costs.

Steel Building Interior clean insulation

A steel building is easy to insulate with basic laminated insulation or even High R-Value insulation systems.  Obviously this reduces not only your heating and cooling costs, but also reduces the environment impact due to a reduction in energy needs.  With a small increase in the initial expense, your ROI in terms of energy savings and comfort is very short.  Creating environmentally friendly buildings from a Pre-Engineered steel building is a multi faceted process that yields favorable results in a variety of areas.

Advantages of utilizing an Environmentally Friendly Steel Building

  • Made in the USA

  • 25 year finish warranty

  • Steel buildings are vitually maintenance free

  • Engineered for your location wind and snow loads

  • Pre-Engineered metal buildings reduce waste - saves money

  • Quick Installation

  • Environmentally friendly

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If your in the market to purchase an Environmentally friendly building, we can help you with a Renegade Steel Building.

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