Steel building specials

"Are there really steel building specials available"

Do you have a building someone didn't take or may a closeout special?

We get those questions alot. The answer is sort of yes, but mostly no. Let us explain...

steel building special deal warning

A building someone walked away from

It's common to hear that "somebody ordered a building but decided not to take it."  Of course, they tell you that you need to send a deposit today to "hold" that building. Then they tell you that you can still pick colors and doors and options on a building that has already be supposedly fabricated.  Sounds kind of odd doesn't it.

The reality is that someone would have to put down a deposit of several thousand dollars just to then say, "I don't need this building, you can just keep my deposit money".  In fact, we have spoken to several customers that have dealt with this and it turns out that their contract actually states that they owe additional money if they want to cancel a building.  Now we are not saying it never happens, but it just doesn't happen very often.

A local university bought three buildings and only took two

Another one we have heard is that a local college purchased three buildings and only took two, and if you act now, you get the special deal today.  Again, the pressure is on, and there really is no"special building". Just like the example above, that customer would just be walking away from several thousand dollars.  After the deposit is made, then the change orders start to happen and that great deal doesn't look so great anymore.

How it really works with steel buildings

The plant doesn't keep a stock of inventory on buildings that have already been fabricated. Each building is completed and shipped right away as the plants don't have space for storage.  You see, each building is engineered for the specific area it is being shipped to. The problem is, a building designed for middle Georgia, would not have the snow load needed for say Ohio, nor the wind rating for the coast of South Carolina. So unless the "Special Building" was designed for somebody who just happens to live in an area with the same codes and loads as where you live, it would not meet the right design.

Why did you say "sort of yes" then you ask? Well, there are rare occasions when something happens that creates what we call a "distressed building".  The term distressed doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the building, it just means that the steel was purchased and mainframes and materials cut and fabricated for the building, but something happened that caused a customer to default on the contract.  This has happened at Renegade only a few times since we started in 2010.

We always like to advise any potential customer to do their research on everybody they are talking to including us.  Don't let anybody pressure you just because the tell you they have a steel building special for you.  Take your time, compare your quotes, and talk to us about what you're being told.  We want to help you get the right building at the right price designed to fit your needs.

Please give us a call or fill out the quick quote form and we will get started working up a quote just for you. No pressure, just real numbers!