Metal Building Horse Riding Arena

Hope Reins horse riding arena

Metal Building Horse Riding Arena

This Metal Building Horse Riding Arena is much like many others in that it provides shelter for the riders and horses as well.  With the obvious benefit of allowing riders to enjoy time spent with their horse on days when the weather is not so great, it can also help with relief from the heat on those bright sunny days as well. 

While many in the equestrian community choose to build a Metal Building Horse Riding Arena for a variety of reasons from comfort to economics, this facility is a little different.  We were excited to work with this customer knowing the great work they do.  Hope Reins provides kids in crisis with a safe facility where they pair hurting kids with rescued horses creating a path for hope and healing.  This riding arena is just part of their plan to grow and serve even more kids.

Knowing this Metal Building Horse Riding Arena will go toward helping their ministry makes us even more excited that they choose to work with Renegade Steel Buildings!

Metal Building Horse Riding Arena

The main riding area consists of a 80x150x16 steel building structure with 2:12 roof pitch and 6' overhand on all sides. It also includes a partial wall on the ends starting at 12' to enclose the gables otherwise all walls are open.

The viewing area is a 50x25x10' steel building structure with 1.5:12 roof pitch and all sides open. The front gable is partially sheeted to match the riding arena.

metal building horse riding arena

The customer dressed up their building by wrapping the red iron columns in wood trim and adding stone to the bottom of the viewing area columns.  Each gable end of the Metal Building Horse Riding Arena as well as the front of the covered viewing area is also finished with wood.  The riding arena is topped off with a couple of nice looking cupolas finished with the same wood and trim.

metal building horse riding arena interior

Here you can see the interior of the riding arena portion showing the support for the partial walls on each gable end of the building.  They have also added lighting to extend riding hours and very large fans to keep the air moving.

You can image the fun and enjoyment for the kids that will utilize this riding arena.

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