Steel Building FAQ

(Frequently Asked Questions)

We understand that purchasing a steel building is a big deal. While you may be looking for the best deal, we are sure you are also looking for the best quality as well. Through the entire process of learning about metal buildings and dealing with multiple quotes, we know you may have some questions. Renegade Steel Buildings is more than happy to help answer any questions you may have. While some companies will tell you what you want to hear just to get your business, we would rather tell you the truth so you can make a better informed decision.

With all that being said, we have put together a few of the most frequent questions along with the answers. We hope this helps in your search for a trustworthy company to buy from.

  • How much does a steel building cost?

    Steel building prices can vary depending on size location and options. How much does a steel building cost?

  • What is a steel building kit?

    A steel building kit contains the components for a pre-engineered steel building. Read more . . .

  • What comes with a steel Building kit?

    Red iron main and secondary members, roof and wall panels, trim and fasteners. Read more . . .

  • What is a pre-engineered steel building?

    It's a building system where many of the components and designs have been pre-engineered to reduce waste and cost yet maintaining exceptional quality. Read more . . .

  • What are common uses for steel buildings?

    As our buildings are deisgned and engineered for commercial quality, they are used for a number of needs from back yard shops to automotive centers and retail spaces. Read more . . .

  • Does Renegade Steel offer financing?

    Not at this time. A lot of companies that claim to offer “financing” will actually just send you on to a financial institution with which they occasionally partner, rather than offer true in-house financing. Instead, we offer a high quality product that also happens to be an incredibly affordable construction option.

  • Are Renegade Steel buildings 100% steel?

    While some companies may offer steel buildings that are comprised of tube steel or traditional wood framing, every Renegade Steel building is quality constructed from 100% Structural Steel I-Beams. When we say our buildings are built to last, we mean it.

  • Does Renegade Steel provide foundation plans?

    Renegade Steel is happy to provide foundation plans to your building for a nominal fee. Our sales associates often find that this is a valued and popular option. While industry standards dictate that this is not normally a service steel companies provide, this serves as just another example of why we’ve earned the name “Renegade.” Many times, it’s impossible to obtain a building permit without these foundation plans and by offering this cost-effective service to our customers, it saves them money and the hassle of finding and hiring a pricey engineer to draw up the plans for them. Steel Building Foundation

  • Do Renegade Steel Buildings come from a ready-made kit?

    We are very proud of the fact that each and every Renegade Steel building is a custom designed product that is engineered right here in the USA. It is not a ready-made kit sitting in storage, nor does it contain tube steel or traditional wood framing. Every last Renegade Steel metal building – including residential structures – is comprised of commercial grade red iron steel and is fabricated in a shop to your specifications and local building code.

  • Okay! I’m ready to begin building my Renegade Steel building. Who pulls the permits?

    Normally, that would be your responsibility or the duty of your general contractor.

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