How much does a Steel Building Cost?

Steel building quote accessories sheet

Steel building quote accessories sheet

Steel buildings price can vary depending on sizes and options.  We have actual pricing available on many of our standard buildings by size.  Maybe you just want a rough estimate or square foot price to see if a red iron steel building is in your budget.

Depending on how you design a building and what size you look to purchase, they can range from about $9.25 / sq ft up to $19.00 / sq ft for the basic building kit with a 10' eave height.  Typically, the larger buildings have a lower per square foot cost.

There are problems, however, when talking about a square foot price for a Steel Building.  Square foot pricing does not take into account the height of a building.  With that in mind, a 50x100x10 and a 50x100x25 building have the same 5,000 sq ft foot print, but would have a much different price because of the additional steel for the taller building.  Other factors affect the price as well such as wind, snow and seismic loads on a building based on location.

When you add features like roll up doors, insulation, gutters and so on, the cost of the building will increase.  There are many ways to customize your steel building.  For more information on how a building is priced and what considerations need to be made, check out our pricing page.

The best way to know the cost of a steel building is to get a customized quote specific to your needs and engineered for your location.  Our quick quote is totally free to you, no pressure, no obligation.

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