What is a Pre-Engineered Building?


A pre-engineered metal building (or PEMB for short) is a building system where many of the components and designs have been pre-engineered to reduce cost and waste while maintaining quality and functionality.  This sets standards for many of the components that make up the building such as C and Z girts and purlins.  It also allows the production plant to create consistent components from secondary members to primary structures.  This pre-engineering means that your building will be assembled with minimal waste compared to traditional construction methods like wood framed buildings.

Does this mean that you are constrained to certain sizes?  Not at all.  In fact, the pre-engineering makes it easier to get the specific size building you need.  There are guidelines that tend to make your building more economical and that's what we are here for.  We can help guide you to get the most bang for your buck while getting a high quality American made steel building.

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