What is a Pre-Engineered Building?

A pre-engineered metal building (or PEMB for short) is a building system where many of the components and designs have been engineered to reduce cost and waste while maintaining quality and functionality.  The specifics of the design of your building based on your specific location dictate the thickness and size of the structural items used to support your building.  All of these calculations translate into specific instructions for the plant to use in producing the many components that make up the building such as the I-beams creating the primary support structure as well as the secondary C and Z girts and purlins.  It also allows the production plant to create consistent components that are pre-cut, pre-punched and pre-fabricated to fit each buildings design specs.  Waste is kept to a minimum as the plant can cut material at the exact dimensions needed per the plans.  This pre-engineering means that your building will be assembled with minimal waste compared to traditional construction methods like wood framed buildings.

Does this mean that you are constrained to certain sizes?  Not at all.  In fact, the pre-engineering makes it easier to get the specific size building you need.  There are also many ways to customize your steel building.  We can help guide you to value engineer your design while getting a high quality and durable steel building.

pre engineered steel building drawings
  1. Efficient
    Pre-cut, Pre-punched, and Pre-fabricated components equates to less waste in material.
  2. Quick
    Construction times can be greatly reduced compaired to other conventional methods. The bolt together design along with the pre-fabrication of most components allows for quick assembly.
  3. Flexible
    The design of a pre-engineered metal building provides you with flexibility in size and customization.
  4. Strong
    Steel has proven to be a great alternative to wood framed buildings providing not only strength and longevity, but also reduced maintenance.
Don't let the seeming simplicity of a pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) fool you, many architects and designers utilized the functionality and features to allow them to create a variety of interesting buildings.  Just look at some of the buildings below to see what can be done with a steel building.
steel building motorcycle dealership
retail steel building
Renegade steel building commercial office
Steel Building Garage with tan walls and brown trim
2 story steel building with brick front
retail steel building strip mall

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