When will my steel building arrive?

Steel building timeline

During typical production cycles before 2020, your steel building would take 6 - 8 weeks to get through the engineering and production cycle.  In the first couple of weeks the engineers and detailers worked on the specifics of your buildings.  When done, they sent out a set of "permit drawings".  The plant then purchased the steel for your building and begin to schedule your building for production.  As production progressed, we coordinated delivery between the plant and you.

All of this was based on normal production volume.  Around June of 2020, the plants got busier, engineering took longer and production got pushed out.  During those times, it was common to see lead times climb to as long as 36-40 weeks.  In 2023, the industry started to slow just a little and the lead times came back down to a more reasonable level.  While still not back to what we were all used to for many years, current lead times are more typically in the range of anywhere from 14 to 20 weeks depending on location and complexity.  Obviously we can't control the supply chain from raw materials to structural steel and steel coils used to create panels, nor the demand for steel buildings as a whole in the industry.  With that said, be sure to check with your project manager to get up to date information on drawing and building lead times as they may change without notice.

We often get asked if there is anything we can do to get a quicker delivery.  It is sometimes possible depending on how the jobs in front of you are lining up.  All we can do is ask the plant production manager to see if there is space in their schedule to squeeze a little time on a job.  Sometimes we get the answer a customer want, other times the dates are not flexible.

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