Giving back

Renegade employee donates to locks of love

Giving Back

Giving back in the fight against cancer.

Cancer is one of those diseases that touches everybody at some point in life. Ask anybody and they will probably tell you they know somebody fighting cancer.  We are no different here at Renegade Steel Buildings.  In fact, one of our employees has been fighting Esophageal Cancer for the last 6 months, others have gone through the fight with their Mother and Father and yet another has a childhood cancer survivor.  It's no wonder we support those in the battle.

With that being said, the latest effort came from one of our account reps, Korey Wunderlin.  Korey has been growing his hair out for almost two years in order to donate it to Locks of Love, and with the specific request that it go to a kid that lost their hair while fighting cancer.

Renegade Employee Korey

November, 2016

Renegade Employee Korey

November, 2017

Locks of Love has several requirements for their hair donations regarding care of hair and the length required to make a donation.  Korey worked hard to take care of his hair in order to be able to meet the requirements so that he could make the donation and help a kid dealing with the loss of hair due to the effects of chemo.

Renegade Employee Korey

August, 2018

He is ready for the clippers to cut away a couple of years of growth in order to give back to somebody less fortunate.  This donation is sure to make a great wig for a kid that has to deal with losing their hair!

Here is the final result with a good portion of hair to donate and a fresh new look!

Giving back is something we all do in our own way here at Renegade.  A while back, all of the employees here shaved their heads for St Baldricks foundation.  A few years ago, a portion of each building sold was given to support the family of a young boy with cancer.  Recently, an account manager's wife setup a fundraiser to support Esophageal Cancer Research.  Another employee continues to donate to a charity that funds Childhood cancer research.

While our job at Renegade is to help our customers with the purchase of steel buildings, we often think about others that are less fortunate and work to give back.  The links below will give you more info about some of the charities we support.

Locks of Love - Charity that provides wigs for children dealing with hair loss

Esophageal cancer action network - Charity specifically for esophageal (throat) cancer

St Baldricks - Charity supporting childhood cancer patients

Curing Kids Cancer - Charity supporting childhood cancer specific research