World Down Syndrome Day 2019

Renegade Steel Building employees supporting Down Syndrome

World Down Syndrome Day at
Renegade Steel Buildings

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March 21st is World Down Syndrome day.  Organizers want to help bring attention to the need to allow people with Down Syndrome to have an opportunity to function in and contribute to their community.  Unfortunately some people with Down Syndrome are prevented from doing contributing in their communities.  Sometimes it's just lack of knowledge and understanding, other times it's a negative attitude toward their potential.

Renegade wishes to support this cause and support one of our own as well.  Our GM has a grandchild with Down Syndrome.   It would be nice to think that by the time she grows up, the world will be more accepting in allowing everybody with Down Syndrome to prosper and contribute all they can in their life.

We chose to support WDSD by wearing #LotsOfSocks.  The goal is to wear brightly colored socks so that people will ask "why are you wearing those".  That will give us a chance to tell them about WDSD and hopefully raise some awareness.

This year, one of our salemen, James, came up with the idea to support this cause by also adding a brightly colored shirt to show our support for little miss Hadlee.  We are sure to make conversation all day with those that see this beautiful little face on our shirts.