Kevin Giddens

Kevin Giddens

Kevin Giddens

Kevin Giddens, account representative

Kevin "Redd" Giddens is one of the newest members of the team here at Renegade.  With that being said, he has been here almost two years.  He also shares a first name with our owner, so be sure to ask for him by his full name.

Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge from his almost 40 years of experience in the automotive industry where he has worked in sales, service and even owned his own business.  Many of the years he worked as a manager for a company that supplies the auto industry with a multitude of analytical data frome price point valuations to market trends.  All of those years have taught him to be detail oriented as well as customer focused making him well suited for how we do business at Renegade Steel Buildings.

Outside of work, Kevin is a dedicated husband and father.  His family loves to go camping as often as the weather allows.  Family time is an important part of his life as he watches his daughter grow. While she may be 14 years old, this picture is how he still sees her. 

When not camping, he enjoys spending time with family, carpentry, and of course cars.  If you happen to be looking for a building for your classic muscle car, you may find yourself talking to Kevin as much about the old days and the old cars as much as you do about the building you want.  He had one of the all time classics, a 1970 Mustang Mach 1.  Like many of us that had a now classic car, he wishes he had never sold it.

Give Kevin a call to get a quote on your steel building.  He is happy to work up a quote to your specs to fit your needs.  He can also help you value engineer it to be the most cost effective possible.  Like all of us here at Renegade Steel Buildings, Kevin is here to help you get the best building possible at the best price available.

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Kevin is always seeking to satisfy his customers, so you can rest assured that he will have your best interest in mind.

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