Agricultural Steel Building Gallery

The agricultural industry has seen it's fair share of innovation over the years.  From early on with the invention of the cotton gin, to the introduction of the internal combustion engine, to modern day marvels that all allow for increased production.  Increased efficiency not only meant more time to get things done, it also meant an increasing bottom line.  

These days, all that machinery can cost a small fortune so it's no wonder so many in the industry have the need to cover and protect their investments.  For many years typical wood barns would do the trick. However, the size of the equipment and the desire for low maintenance has changed the need from wood structures to Steel Buildings.

A steel building gives you many options that may have been cost prohibitive or even impossible in the past.  Options like door openings 30' wide or more for large machinery.

On a smaller scale, a Steel Building can mimic the look of a traditional barn, yet retain the maintenance free characteristics only a 100% steel building can offer. This can allow a smaller farmer or property owner to have the benefits of keeping their equipment clean and dry, but also providing an aesthetically pleasing building on their property.  With a variety of options from roll up doors to lean to's and even a clear span monitor roof to achieve that real barn look, we can help you design the building you need.

Another use of the agricultural steel building is for horse riding arenas.  An open arena might be great, but the riding environment is far from ideal in certain elements. While rain is often the limiting factor, warm, sunny days can also tax both rider and horse. 

Having a steel building covering your facility provides horse riders and trainers with the perfect environment for riding throughout the year.  The wide-open space is the ideal facility perfect for all events and routines, or simply enjoying a ride with your best equine friend. 

There is an obvious time benefit to utilizing an all-weather structure like a steel building.  Financially, a covered arena can pay off as well. It can provide not only the benefit to the riders, but also in increased event capability and potential reduction in maintenance costs.

Steel buildings are capable of large clear spans allowing you to tailor the building to your needs and location.  There are many options available with partially skirted walls and skylights being the most popular.