Gulf Coast Steel Building

Hurricane Smybol

With the destruction seen from Hurricane Michael, our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone along the affected area.  As a Gulf Coast steel building supplier, we are proud to say our customers in Panama city have seen little or no damage to their Renegade Steel Buildings.

Every building is designed to meet your local wind codes giving you peace of mind knowing it is built strong.  We can even increase the wind load over and above what is required if you would like.

While no steel building can be labeled "Hurricane Proof" the fact that all the Renegade Steel Buildings weathered the storm with no damage says something about the strength of our buildings.

Panama City Beach Steel Building storage

This Renegade Steel building located across the street on N. Lagoon survived Hurricane Michael with no damage at all.

Panama City Steel Building

Two Renegade Steel Buildings in the Panama City limits with only one skylight damaged.

Cleaning up after such a difficult natural disaster can be difficult, but the process of getting a steel building doesn't have to be.  We are a low pressure, customer service oriented company.  Tell us what you need, we are here to help whether your looking to replace a damaged building or purchase your first building for your storage needs.  Renegade provides high quality, USA made, commercial, residential, agricultural and community steel buildings to the Gulf Coast area

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  • IAS certified plant

    Your building is engineered and fabricated in a plant that has acheived IAS accreditation for Metal Building Systems

  • Stamped drawings

    Every building we sell is stamped by a structural engineer

  • Local code wind loads

    While we base the wind loads on a database of codes per zip code, we advise you to contact your local building permit office to verify your current wind load requirements

  • Wind rated roll up doors

    Ask us about optional wind rated roll up doors for a building located in high wind load areas.