Pahrump Steel Building

If you're in the market for a Pahrump steel building, look no further than Renegade.  We have supplied a variety of building sizes to Pahrump and surrounding areas.  When it comes to steel buildings, we have the knowledge and experience, and more importantly, the service and support during and after the sale.  Whether you're looking for a 30x40 shop for the back yard, a 40x60 garage, a 75x150 industrial warehouse, or anything in between, we are here to help you.

40x50x16 tan steel building with large roll up door

40x50x16 steel building with 1:12 roof pitch, 1-12x14 roll up door, 8-translucent wall panels, 2- ridge vents, and 1-3070 walk door

30x40x10 steel building desert illustration

30x40x10 steel building illustration with 1:12 roof pitch, 1-10x8 roll up door, gutters & downspouts, and 1-3070 walk door

What makes Renegade Steel Buildings different in Pahrump?

There are several companies that provide steel buildings, so how do you choose?  That's a great question.  The first determination is to make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  There are several structures that people refer to as a steel building or metal building, but they are not all built the same.

Red Iron steel building cutaway illustration

Renegade Red Iron Steel Building

The quality building that we offer

The frame of the building is comprised of steel I-beams for the columns and rafters and steel secondary members for wall girts, roof purlins and framed openings. The mainframe columns are engineered to be anchor bolted to the concrete foundation. We utilize 26 gauge metal panels for the roof and walls with even thicker material available. This is commonly referred to as a Pre-Engineered, Red Iron Steel Building.

wood framed pole barn steel building cutaway illustration

Pole Barn Steel Building

Cheap building sold by other companies - not sold by Renegade

The structure of this building is comprised of wood poles placed in the ground, wooden girts & purlins, and wooden trusses. Many times, thinner 29 gauge metal panels are used for the panels.  The wooden poles are more flexible allowing the building to move or sway in the wind.  This movement can have adverse effects on the structure and weather seal.

quonset hut illustration

Quonset Hut

Cheaper building sold by other companies - not sold by Renegade

A rounded or arch style steel building with no internal framing similar to the old military style buildings. There is no internal support structure as the arch style of the panels create a self supporting structure. This design has limitations on widths and the radius design decreases usable wall space.

tube frame structure illustration

Tube Frame Steel Building (Carport)

Cheapest building sold by other companies - not sold by Renegade

This style building uses a square tube for the building structure. The building can be placed on concrete or gravel with nothing more than a mobile home anchor. Typically, thinner 29 gauge metal panels are used to sheet the building.

Which style building is right for you?

When making your decision on the building type you need, there are several factors that determine the best fit.

Obviously price is always a factor for any project.  The old saying "you get what you pay for" rings true with metal buildings.  You are paying for the amount of steel that makes up your building.  Cheaper options tend to be lighter weight and less rigid.

Longevity can be a factor as well.  The building we sell is virtually maintenance free.  No worries about termites or rot along with a 25 year finish warranty to give you peace of mind knowing your building will last.  Not to mention the fact that every building we sell is engineered for the state and location it is going.  This means your Pahrump Steel Building is designed for your local loads, certified and supplied with stamped, engineered plans.

The Renegade Steel Building difference

So you want your Pahrump Steel Building to be Pre-Engineered Red Iron, what makes Renegade Steel Buildings different from other suppliers?

First, there are several options that we designate as a "standard" for every building we sell.  Things like Long Life screws in the roof and walls, Formed Base Trim, Framed Openings for windows, and PBR roof and wall panels.  Feel free to check out our building standards page for more info.

Second, we want to earn your business in Pahrump and surrounding areas.  We do this by working with you to determine how to best meet the needs specifically tailored to your building.  After we earn your business, we want to make sure you're a happy customer by providing excellent service after the sale.  That's how we got our name Renegade, by doing business differently than most companies in this industry.

Third, we have contacts for local contractors to help with your building construction.  We supply the building kit shipped to you, but we are not contractors.  We do know some local companies that have constructed several of the buildings in Pahrump  We will be happy to put you in touch with them if you decide to do business with us.

Trust Renegade Steel Buildings

A nice website and information is great, but how can you trust us with your project?  We hope you do your homework to see that Renegade really does care about our customers.  You can find a few of our customer testimonials here and you can check out our A+ rating with the BBB here.

Since Renegade Steel Buildings, Inc.  was formed, we have helped thousands of customers with many of those purchasing multiple times.  We hope to earn your business and add you to our testimonials list as well.

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About Pahrump, NV

Pahrump, NV is located in Nye county and is part of the Mojave Desert, and is the largest land area in the contiguous US.  It's roughly 60 miles to the west of Las Vegas.  The latest population figures show Pahrump with a popluation of over 34,000 as of 2010.  Local activities include a winery, motorsports track, casinos, and national recreation area just to name a few.