Steel Building Delivery

We want you to be ready for your steel building delivery, so here are some things to think about.  Before the actual date of delivery, make sure you have a way to off load the steel.  You may have some equipment available, or it may require you renting a lift, either way, it needs to be capable of safely lifting roughly three to four thousand pounds.  A lull or crane would be the optimal solution.  In addition, you will need a spreader bar for items like roof and wall panels.  If you have contracted an erector to install your building, they may include off loading in their quote.

The drivers typically pick up their load the day before and make a portion of the drive so that they can arrive on site at your location between 8am and 10am.  There are a few occasions where a steel building delivery may be delayed, but most shipments arrive in this time frame.  Once onsite, it is at the driver's discretion to turn onto your drive to deliver right at the installation site.  If the drive is too narrow or curvy, or if there is no room to turn around, they may require you to off load roadside.  They are on a tight schedule and may even have a back haul so they do not want to get in a situation where they get stuck.  You should take a look at your location from the eyes of a semi truck driver, and if it looks like they may have trouble, make a plan for how to handle your delivery.

If you have a COD amount due, you will need to have a Cashier's Check ready for the driver before you can unload his truck.

steel building on truck

Your steel building delivery will have all parts and pieces on one load or more depending on the size and weight of the structure. In this image everything is included on one truck.

Additional items for your building such as insulation and roll up doors will be a separate delivery on another truck.

steel building panel lull

An off road lull is being used to unload this steel building delivery. Care should be taken to remove the various components in a timely manner and without damage.

steel building panel lull illustration

Depending on the size of the panel bundles, you may need to add a spreader bar for your lull or crane to ensure the panels are not damaged or bent when off loading.

steel building delivered and staged rafters
steel building delivered and staged - hardware
steel building delivered and staged
As you offload the truck, you should be taking inventory and comparing that to the bill of lading.  Notate anything that is missing or damaged on the driver's paperwork before signing.  The plants require this information to be on the driver's delivery paperwork in order to file any claims.