Steel Building Brochure

Renegae Steel Buildings Brochure

When we get a quote request from a potential customer, we often like to send them a Steel Building Brochure.  This gives them a nicely printed piece with information about our standards along with contact information for their salesman.  It may seem old fashioned these days, but we think it is nice to have a folder with info about the company along with a quote and sketch.  It becomes a nice way to keep any revisions and new sketches organized.

Steel Building for furniture restoration

40x60 steel building

As Chocolate Dog Restorations business continued to grow, the need for a better workspace became apparent to the owners.  They had been working out of a couple of small sheds which didn’t give them much room for more than one project at a time.  They contacted Renegade for their 40×60 steel building for furniture restoration.  Being handy with all types of equipment also meant that they would construct the building themselves saving money on the total cost of the building.